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Friday, July 5th 2013, 6:57pm

Discussion of the Sino-Chosen Conflict

The delegate of the Republic of the Philippines, Don Luis Varela, waited until he had obtained recognition from the president of the League Council before addressing his remarks to his fellow delegates. He stood and spoke in carefully measured tones.

"The Republic of the Philippines deplores the fact that hostilities have broken out on the Korean peninsula, but it is not surprised in any way. The aggressive hand of China has reached forth again and sought to crush a small neighboring state and bend it to the Chinese will. Despite Chinese protestations of its innocence the massive buildup of Chinese military strength in the border regions near Chosen and the military maneuvers set in motion confirm the obvious - that any response from Chosen to this threat was but a pre-emptive strike made in an attempt to stave off imminent invasion."

Don Luis paused to allow his words to take hold, and then continued.

"China has long shown its aggressive ambitions to the world. For its own gain it intervened in the civil war in Persia, prolonging that conflict and bringing untold misery to thousands, if not hundreds of thousands. It entered into war with my nation in a naked attempt to seize as its own territory islands shared with them in peace and amity, refusing to evacuate them when requested. During this conflict China did not hesitate to carry out unrestricted submarine and aerial warfare against the Philippine people, culminating in the terror-bombing of the city of Olongopo. It has bullied other nations to withdraw from leasehold territories that China had previously granted; it has insulted this body in its withdrawal from the League because this body will not bow to its demands."

"The Republic of the Philippines decries the fact that Chosen was forced by continual Chinese aggression to take up the sword in its defense; it regrets that the necessity of national survival required Chosen to strike first, before China might carry out its own well-conceived plan. Yet the Republic of the Philippines cannot rejoice that the ambition of the Chinese Government has forced war upon the Chinese people, who will bear the hardship of any conflict and pay the blood price that the glory of their leaders demands. The Republic of the Philippines will remain neutral in this conflict, and calls upon the civilized nations of the world, here represented by their delegates, to do likewise."

"I therefore move that the League of Nations call upon its members to refrain from the delivery and sale of armaments, munitions and other materials of war to either of the belligerents, and to impose economic sanctions for the supply of petroleum products and other recognized contraband of war, for the duration of hostilities."

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Friday, July 5th 2013, 7:43pm

French representative Joseph Paul-Boncour requests to speak: "It is clear to us at this time that China's role in the beginning of this conflict is not without fault, but the same must also be said true of Joseon. With all due respect to the esteemed Delegate Don Luis, the Republic of France is not yet prepared to condemn either party until more solid information, untainted by the national prejudices of the two combatants, has been obtained. Nevertheless, the Republic of France seconds the motion put forward by the Philippine government, and declares official neutrality."

The Indochinese delegate says nothing, but is obviously reading a newspaper with the headline "WAR! Chosen Fends Off Chinese Invasion!"


Friday, July 5th 2013, 7:59pm

The Italian representative stands. "What should also be a matter of note in this topic" he begins "is that China has withdrawn from the League while Chosen remains a member. Therefor, our ability to directly influence China is distinctly less then our collective ability to influence Chosen. Despite all of this, and the claims of posible agression in progress by the Chinese, Chosen did strike first. Italy agrees with the Philippines and France that the sale of war material to the combatants should be a non-starter for League members and non-members alike, but also calls for an investigation to who really started this war so the proper parties can be held responsible and the situation handeld appropriately. Italy also formally declares its neutrality in this conflict."
You smug-faced crowds with kindling eye
Who cheer when soldier lads march by,
Sneak home and pray you'll never know
The hell where youth and laughter go.
-Siegfried Sassoon


Friday, July 5th 2013, 8:11pm

The Mexican representative after very obviously ignoring the Filipino speech stands up. "Unprovoked aggression by any nation on another nation, be they members of the league or not, should be condemned without hesitation. An undeclared surprise attack is a most insidious act of war and no civilized nation should stand behind such acts. As such Mexico moves that full economic sanctions be levied without haste on the country of Chosen."

The Australian representative pops open a couple beers and offers one to the nearest representative...

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Friday, July 5th 2013, 8:26pm

RE: Discussion of the Sino-Chosen Conflict


Originally posted by BruceDuncan

"I therefore move that the League of Nations call upon its members to refrain from the delivery and sale of armaments, munitions and other materials of war to either of the belligerents, and to impose economic sanctions for the supply of petroleum products and other recognized contraband of war, for the duration of hostilities."

From hearing the speech of the respected Mr. Varela I wonder how this can be his conclusion.
Chosen was threatened by China with their uninhibited show of force which - that must not be forgotten - caused the death of innocent Chosen citizens.
At this time Chosen had only two choices: submitting to the unsatiable craving for power of the Chinese regime or stand firm against Chinas imperialism. Chosens people are free and proud, therefore they decided to fight against the Chinese hegemony.
Chosen was not the first victim, and that is for sure, it will not be the last victim if the countries of south east asia don't support Chosens in its struggle.
This war is not about Chosen, this war is about Asia. All which stands between the sovereignity of south east asian nations like the Philippines and Chinas total domination, is the brave Army of Chosen. These men and women fighting against the Chinese aggressors deserve the unconfined aid and support of nations who care for peace and freedom.

Yoon Dae-Du (minister of foreign affairs, Chosen)

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Saturday, July 6th 2013, 7:30am

The delegate from the United States of America Mr. Edward Stettinius stands,

"War it seems has once again engulfed the peoples of Asia. Regrettably it once again involves the Chinese people. It is however a curious thing that in this war at least it is difficult to pick a side. China, who's rhetoric in the last years can really only be matched by Chosen's has attacked a former or is it still current ally? Perhaps the thing most curious about this whole matter is why? China's interests it should be noted seem to have been aimed at former Chinese territories being held by European powers, or at areas that serve or a perceived to be in China's strategic interest. Therefore, it should be noted what claims has China on Chosen that it has not brought forward before now? And if not for territory, what strategic interest has China in either acquiring or puppeting Chosen when such an objective's most likely aim would be an eventual attack on Japan a current or is it former ally of China? This whole thing seems quite fishy to me, the purpose for this war just doesn't make much sense. While the Chinese government is naive at times, I do not think they want to make an enemy of the only neighboring Great Power that is allied to them. A smaller, regional power? Perhaps. Japan? No, it simply doesn't make sense."

"We ask the Japanese delegation to at least provide some clarity on what in the world is going on seeing as we in the United States felt your people were the driver's of the current or is it former SATSUMA alliance. Whatever have you allowed to fester in your backyard? It seems with allies like these, Japan does not need enemies!"

"It should be noted that the United States is neutral in this affair with all that applies, and we encourage the members of this assembly to be neutral in thought as well as deed. Therefore, the United States would like to see how things develop in this conflict before fully agreeing to the Filipino motion though it does have their initial approval."

The Romanian delegate sends a note around asking if anyone wishes to take bets. Odds are 100 to 1 on China winning. Oh yeah, we are neutral as well.


Saturday, July 6th 2013, 10:26am

The British delegate Sir Sidney Burdett stands. "The League cannot judge at this early stage which side's claims are true due to the lack of impartial evidence. My government does not entirely believe Chosen's claim of events but without further evidence it is hard to conclude either way. What we can claim with some justification is that China continually seems to seek recourse to war or aggression. Chosen has a reputation as an unjust military dictatorship and a war between these two freedom-hating nations is perhaps the lesser of two evils. We hope both sides can come together to seek a diplomatic conclusion. Britain pledges to be a neutral, as my esteemed colleague, the delegate for the United States of America, Edward Stettinius said, war always seems to invite us to take sides but in this conflict Britain takes no side, victory by either side would be hollow unless their politicians learn the ways of peace.

We accept the delegate for the Republic of the Philippines, Don Luis Varela's motion, for we have always abided by such a policy denying China and any Satsuma power British armaments or warlike materials. We can only wish that this becomes so by all nations and we lament the previous sales by other members here who have been less scrupulous in the past."

The Argentina delegate is still trying to find Chosen on the map but backs Varlela's motion and declares Argentina's neutrality.


Saturday, July 6th 2013, 7:56pm

The German delegate to the League rose and addressed his fellows:

"Germany has long regarded with concern the aggressive designs of China, and it has noted the many warlike sentiments emanating from the Government of Chosen; this war appears desired by both parties, and who bears the greater fault may never be known. The German Government declares its strict neutrality in this matter; it supports the call for all members of the league to do likewise, and supports moves to impose sanctions on the traffic in munitions and other contraband of war."

"Moreover the German Government is concerned with the speed which parties to the conflict have resorted to unrestricted submarine warfare. It has issued instructions to merchant vessels flying the German flag that they shall bear prominent markings by day and night, and remain well lit, to prevent possible mis-identification. Such vessels have been instructed to refrain from entering a designated war zone comprising the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea north of 25° latitude north and west of 129° longitude east, exclusive of the Straits of Tsushima. Any attack on a German merchant vessel, by land, air or sea, outside this zone will be considered a provocation, and shall be responded to in an appropriate and considered manner."

"It is the express desire of the German Government that this conflict may be settled before the effusion of blood becomes general, with all the attendant hardship placed upon civilian populations on both sides of the battle line."

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Tuesday, January 21st 2014, 4:31pm

Letter to each member of the plenary session of the LoN

"Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, highly reputable representatives of all nations,

the chinese government invites an independent delegation to investigate the fraudulent and dishonest accusations made by Chosen and to prove that these are baseless. The delegation will have free access to ALL POW camps. China has nothing to hide.

Also we invite the International Red Cross to prove, that China strictly comply with the Geneva Convention of 1929 and the Hague Conventions.

Even if we were not a member of the League anymore, we still follow their principles."

Signed by Chiang Kai Chek
prime minister of the chinese empire


Tuesday, January 21st 2014, 4:44pm

The German delegate signaled his desire to speak, and upon recognition by the chair, began:

"Monsieur le President, we have each received invitations from the Chinese Government to examine the conflicting claims emanating from both sides in the conflict in Manchuria and the Korean Peninsula. The differences between this body and the Chinese Government are well known, and the Chinese withdrawal from this body is still a fresh wound. However, given the heinousness of the alleged actions of both sides in the conflict, the German Government feels that it is important to ascertain the facts so that the international community can formulate an appropriate response. Germany therefore moves that the Council accept the Chinese invitation, and calls upon the Chosen Government to permit similar inspections on its territories."


Tuesday, January 21st 2014, 4:51pm

France seconds the motion and shall participate in the independent investigation. The French delegation similarly encourages the government of Chosen to permit inspections of this nature.


Tuesday, January 21st 2014, 5:16pm

The Chosenian delegate is shocked by the simple-heartedness of the german and frech delegates.

"This is obviously just part of a Chinese propaganda campaign. Even if they really allow an independent delegation into their country, there can be no doubt that they will make things up, prepare a propaganda show and lure the delegation away from any evidence of the heinous warcrimes they committed.
It is unbelievable that the german and french delegates fall for this charade."


Tuesday, January 21st 2014, 5:20pm

The Chosenian delegate is shocked by the simple-heartedness of the german and frech delegates.

"This is obviously just part of a Chinese propaganda campaign. Even if they really allow an independent delegation into their country, there can be no doubt that they will make things up, prepare a propaganda show and lure the delegation away from any evidence of the heinous warcrimes they committed.
It is unbelievable that the german and french delegates fall for this charade."

The German delegate allows his Chosenian counterpart to finish his diatribe, and then asks:

"Are we to therefore presume that the Government of Chosen will allow an independent delegation to visit its territory and permit verification of the claims asserted by it? Or do these fiery and intemperate words hide a more sinister intent?"


Tuesday, January 21st 2014, 5:45pm

The Chosenian delegate whispers a swearword to himself...

"Ehhh....Uhmmm....Well....Currently it is impossible for foreigners to visit the frontline or the occupied Chinese areas as we could not guarantee their safety. Attacks of Chinese bandits as well as indiscriminate airraids are a daily occurrence and we would not want to put the lives of foreigners at risk.
However, a visitation to POW camps in Chosen and to selected military and industrial facilities might be possible."


Tuesday, January 21st 2014, 6:05pm

Mexican observers have been present in several of the combat zones and Mexican flying boats have participated in several air-to-sea rescue missions. Everything they have collected will be made available to League Representatives.


Tuesday, January 21st 2014, 6:40pm

The German delegate looks towards his Chosenian counterpart and smiles:

"How does what you propose differ from what you are accusing the Chinese Government from planning to do? It certainly does not suggest any sense of transparency on the part of the Government of Chosen. Moreover, the German Government finds most interesting your admission that the combat zones lie beyond Chosen's pre-conflict borders, suggesting that rather than defending itself, Chosen may have carried out a war of aggression. The reluctance of Chosen to permit an independent inspection of the situation casts great doubt on its claims against China."

He also addresses himself to his Mexican counterpart:

"While the German Government appreciates the willingness of the Mexican Government to share the observations of its representatives in the region of conflict, in view of the claims raised by Chosen - as lightly supported as they seem to be - the observations of parties who may be biased are no substitute for the unbiased observation of a League observer team."


Tuesday, January 21st 2014, 7:41pm

The Chosen delegate hid his hands under the table and clenched his fists.

"These are some disgraceful accusations.
It is well documented by more or less independent sources how the war started: The hostilities were initiated by a Chinese incursion. No sane person could challenge this fact!
The fact that the combat zone lies beyond prewar borders is the credit of Chosens superior military leadership. We took the war which was forced upon us into the country of the aggressor, nobody can blame us for that."

*stomps on the floor*

"I refuse to tolerate these disrespectuful recriminations, these subtle tauntings. It is not the blood of your sons which is spilled and it is not your fatherland which is at stake! "


Tuesday, January 21st 2014, 8:11pm

The German delegate paused some moments to permit the fulminations of his Chosenian counterpart to subside; while he did so he re-read the précis provided by Admiral Canaris.

"Which 'more or less independent sources' are you referring to?" he asked. "The only sources of such statements that I am aware of belong to the press organs of the Chosen Government. For form's sake, I note that the only sources for the Chinese version of the cause of the outbreak are from press organs under control of the Chinese Government. However, my Government finds hard to accept the premise that a war that has been fought on Chinese national territory was begun by a Chinese incursion; and my Government is not impressed with your hysterical response."


Wednesday, January 22nd 2014, 3:13am

The American delegate signals his desire to speak;

"Fellow delegates, the position of the United States Government on this matter has been clear, being one of strict neutrality towards either side. To this end, we have pursued a policy of denying strategic materials to both combatants, along with denying the passage of strategic materials by American flagged vessels through American controlled waters. There have been actions taken by both combatants which we do not approve of. However while the United States government does not always agree with the positions and actions taken by the governments of Chosen and China, we do sympathize with the plight of their people. Their are rules to war, which all civilized nations have agreed to respect and adhere too. Some may feel that setting boundaries to something as violent as war is rather pointless, yet those boundaries are there to protect both combatants and non-combatants alike from the base animal instincts which drive us all."

"My government cannot claim to being the closest friend of either power, nor are we likely to become such so long as those currently in power in both countries remain. Yet, atrocities in war are something that my government cannot ignore so long as my government wishes to stand for basic common decency. We therefore will support the sending of an independent delegation to China, and urge the government of Chosen that if it wishes to portray itself as a victim of supposed Chinese aggression that it has nothing to lose by allowing a delegation from the League using the same parameters that China has outlined. The United States shall not actively participate in either delegation, though the United States government is willing to fully fund both delegations."


Wednesday, January 22nd 2014, 9:39pm

Sr. Pedro Moreno y Garcia: "The Iberian Confederation acknowledges that unfortunate events in the Far East are costing civilian and third-party lives. We do, however, remind all that China is now seeking action from this organization less than two years after its abrupt withdrawal from the same. My government believes a formal League response would set an unfortunate precedent, in which nations may absolve themselves of the League's values and responsibilities while still calling upon it for aid.

"On this basis, gentlemen, Iberia will not participate in, nor support, any official inspections or inquiries sponsored by the League in response to the Chinese request. We are prepared to participate in such inspections at the invitation of Chosen, which remains a League member in good standing, should the government of Chosen make such a request."