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Sunday, February 2nd 2014, 12:14am

Infrastructure Ret-con...

I started expanding the Type 3 drydock at Mumbai to a Type 4, beginning in Q1 of 1944. In theory, it will be finished at the end of 1945.

On further reflection - namely that Bharat currently operates 0 ships larger than Type 3 - I'm wondering if y'all would let me ret-con the expansion to just Type 3.5. That would permit the project to complete at the end of 1944, our current year.

This, in turn, would let me divert near-future IP to upgrading smaller slips and docks where I think the need is greatest.

Would y'all be cool with this?


Sunday, February 2nd 2014, 12:32am

So far as I'm concerned, whenever you run an infrastructure project you can switch it off whenever you have a good break-point.

So yes, I'm shiny with it.


Sunday, February 2nd 2014, 1:55am

If I understand the situation correctly, it is still under construction and hasn't reached the size of Type 3.5 yet; that being the case, I'm cool with it. It's not like you are trying to downsize something already built.


Sunday, February 2nd 2014, 2:47am

That's correct - it would reach 3.5 in Q4/44, which is my "present".