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Sunday, March 23rd 2014, 2:13am

The Bohol Chronicle, Sunday, 10 December 1944


Monday, March 24th 2014, 4:09pm

The Manila Times, Monday, 11 December 1944

The public offering of new shares in the Philippine Aircraft Development Company - ten thousand shares at 100 pesos par, intended to raise ten million pesos in new capital - was heavily oversubscribed and the value of the company's stock on the Manila Stock Exchange has risen to 108.50. It is reported that a substantial bloc of shares was acquired by an overseas financial institution but details have not been announced.

Scarborough Shoal, Wednesday, 13 December 1944

The crews from the tender Guadelupe worked feverishly in the short span of time in which low tide uncovered the surface of South Rock. Locating the spot for the first of the pilings that would be required was at once simple and difficult; while the pinnacle of the rock might be the logical spot that did not mean that it would relate to the others that would be necessary. Commander Oscar Lopez wanted to make certain that a permanent station here would be properly grounded; so many soundings had been taken. But the initial location had been established, and crews now were laying out markers for other pilings. Work crews would be arriving soon with barges and equipment to begin construction. Time, however, was not their ally - and every man knew it. Until the pilings were raised and a permanent platform begun, work could only be done at low tide; and storms could arise at any time.


Tuesday, March 25th 2014, 2:45pm

The Freeman (Cebu), Friday, 15 December 1944

The destroyer Aguila, recently refitted as an anti-submarine escort, has completed her post-refit trials and has rejoined the Northern Fleet. She is the first of her class to undergo refit, and she will be followed by her sisters over the course of the next year.

The Manila Chronicle, Monday, 18 December 1944

More details have emerged on the recent stock offering by the Philippine Aircraft Development Company. Half of the new shares were acquired by the French financial institution Banque de l'Union Parisienne; this gives the new investor a one-eighth's share of the nation's major aircraft manufacturer. Despite the implications of the share acquisition Minister of Finance Jaime Hernández has announced that his office does not see any reason to block the transaction at this time.


Thursday, March 27th 2014, 8:45pm

The Daily Guardian (Iloilo), Wednesday, 20 December 1944

The Mindanao Journal, Friday, 22 December 1944

Dignitaries gathered to day in the newly established settlement of Esperanza in Kudarat Province, to formally dedicate the new village. Inhabited by one hundred fifty families of Cebuano descent Esperanza is one of the first new villages established in the province under the Strategic Hamlets Program.


Wednesday, April 2nd 2014, 3:43pm

The Philippine Herald, Sunday, 24 December 1944


Friday, April 4th 2014, 4:23pm

Tai-pei, Formosa, Monday, 25 December 1944

Hu-ang, Dragonhead of the Shih-Hai, sat alone in the audience chamber of his headquarters, deep in thought and reflection. It had taken him months to recognize the truth - the cause of the downfall in the Shih-Hai network in the Philippines was not due to traitors within but to pride and to greed; pride in making the overthrow of the current Philippine regime a business objective, greed in seeking quick and easy transfer of profits to other elements of the Shih-Hai. Pride had led him to place the Shih-Hai in support of the late Buencamino in his plot, when objectively he ought to have cut his losses; greed had broken down the walls of protection between different cells of the Shih-Hai and allowed the Philippine police to snap them up in one net. Pride had led him in anger to eliminate loyal servitors who he though had betrayed him when they had not.

His miscalculations had allowed the Shih-Hai to lose its stature among the competing triads, not only in the Philippines but across Asia. The cold of winter closed around him, and he wondered if there were those of the inner circle who might seek to supplant him; for the Dragon Head of a triad is like the Emperor - when one appears to lose the Mandate of Heaven there is always one ready to stretch out a hand to take it.

The Manila Times, Thursday, 28 December 1944

It was announced today that Pascal Tremblay will join the board of directors of the Philippine Aircraft Development Company. Monsieur Tremblay is well known in Parisian financial circles, with links to the Banque de l'Union Parisien, the Banque Indochine, and the Schneider-Creusot industrial combine.


Sunday, April 6th 2014, 2:37am

The Freeman (Cebu), Saturday, 30 December 1944


Wednesday, April 9th 2014, 4:26pm

The Philippine Gazette, Sunday, 31 December 1944