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Sunday, February 13th 2005, 9:14pm

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Diplomatic Note
from the Repubic of the Philippines to the Empire of Atlantis
30 April 1926

"We will withdraw our Torpedo Boats from the Paracels, however our other vessels¹ will remain, as one is essential to support the parties constructing a meteorological station, and the other, to protecting the first."


¹ - AO Bambú and CE Leyte, respectivly.


Sunday, February 13th 2005, 9:33pm

Chilean Responce:
April 30, 1926

The Chilean Navy has maintianed a single Armored Cruiser (General O'Higgins) in the Paracels since we first claimed the islands. She originally stopped for a medical energancy. It has remained in the Paracels, partly to protect the claim for the Filipinos, and partly due to it being a good central location in the South China Sea, should the destroyer, Capitan Herlock, make any positive contact with pirate forces.

We intend to send our collier out to the Islands from Singapore in May to supply the O'Higgins and the Herlock when it returns from its patrol. Had the claim not been counter-claimed the armored cruiser would be on patrol now as well with only the collier present in the Islands to maintain the patrols until the O'Higgins is relieved sometime in June or early July. The Herlock will maintain in the region until the Capitan Simpson is fully worked up in June. At which time our newest long range destroyer will head out to relieve the Capitan Herlock. Our collier will be rotated out once we can send another transport or two out to resupply the patrol.