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Wednesday, April 22nd 2015, 9:07am

Sino-Chosen-Japan Peace Treaty

I would suggest, that Walter, Brock and I will write such a treaty. Also i would suggest, that the location of the peace conference is in Saigon.

Any comments ?


Wednesday, April 22nd 2015, 2:48pm

I'm willing to assist (IC and OOC) in smoothing over any bumps and polishing the final result, if you wish, although you should agree on the terms and conditions between yourselves. To quote the saying, it's "Not my monkey, not my circus"! :)

Saigon is fine for a peace conference location. I also suggest you consider Vladivostok, as it's more closely accessible to all three of the combatants (ergo, the delegations can spend less time traveling).


Wednesday, April 22nd 2015, 4:47pm

Hi Brock .... thanks for your help ;). I will write a first proposal and send it to you both - to Walter because as participant and to you as "mediator".

I have no problems with Vladivostok .... and with a look at the map you are surely right and this place will be better.