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Wednesday, June 24th 2015, 4:18pm

Educational Videos

"England's Little Ships", a 1943 documentary of small-craft construction.

England's Little Ships


Wednesday, June 24th 2015, 6:16pm

"Steel Goes to Sea". A product of 1941; the techniques shown seem not to have changed much since 1914, or perhaps even 1900.

Steel Goes to Sea


Friday, July 3rd 2015, 2:31am

"Seabees In Normandy".

A wartime product detailing construction battalion operations in Normandy - principally construction and operation of the Mulberry harbors. The quality is not so great but the subject matter is interesting.

Seabees In Normandy


Monday, July 27th 2015, 3:06pm

Marston Mat

A brief video of the laying of the first "Marston Mat" pierced steel plank runway during maneuvers in North Carolina, 1941.

Transportable Runway