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Friday, January 13th 2017, 8:16pm

Fuerza de Aviación Naval - Maritime Reconnaissance Aircraft

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Friday, January 13th 2017, 8:18pm

Aichi E13A1 Cruiser Scouting Aircraft (aka Pelícano)

In 1943 orders were placed for 20 aircraft of this type to serve as catapult-launched reconnaissance aircraft aboard cruisers of the Marina de Guerra. A further 18 aircraft were subsequently obtained in 1944-45 to equip additional units performing inshore patrol tasks.

Crew: 3

Engine: One Mitsubishi Kinsei 43 14-cylinder air-cooled twin-row radial engine rated at 1,080 hp
Length: 11.31 meters
Wingspan: 14.50 meters
Height: 4.70 meters
Wing area: 36.0 square meters
Empty weight: 2,642 kg
Loaded weight: 3,640 kg
Maximum takeoff weight: 4,000 kg
Maximum speed: 375 kph
Range: 3,300 km with maximum fuel
Service ceiling: 8,700 meters

Armament: One 20mm cannon, one 7.65mm machinegun, 250 kg bombs


Tuesday, January 24th 2017, 2:57pm

Fokker T.XV-W Amphibious Maritime Reconnaissance Aircraft

To fulfill requirements for a long-range maritime reconnaissance aircraft the Fuerza de Aviación Naval turned to the Netherlands and placed orders in 1946 for twelve examples of the Fokker T.XV-W, then entering service with the Dutch naval air arm. The first aircraft were delivered early in 1947, and were fitted with Phillips surface-search radar.

Crew: 6

Engine: Two Junkers Motorenbau Jumo 208C 12-cyl diesel engines rated at 1,230 hp
Wingspan: 20.30 meters
Length: 14.70 meters
Height: 5.72 meters
Empty weight: 4,150 kg
Maximum weight: 6,500 kg
Speed: 362 kph at 2,000 meters
Service ceiling: 8,685 meters
Range: 2,285 kilometers


Two 13.2mm machineguns in dorsal turret, one 13.2mm machinegun in each side hatch. External ordnance load of up to 2,000 kg including bombs, depth charges, and/or mines.


Friday, February 3rd 2017, 1:05am

Caproni Ariete Carrier-Based Fighter Bomber Aircraft

(data pertains to Series III)

The acquisition of the aircraft carrier Lima from Italy prompted the acquisition of suitable aircraft to operate from its deck. The initial choice of the Marina de Guerra del Perú fell upon the Italian Caproni ‘Ariete’ carrier-based fighter bomber, together with the Breda Ba.67 ‘Occhione’; however, due to the Breda type going out of production prior to placement of the Marina’s order, only the Caproni type was procured. An initial quantity of thirty-six aircraft was ordered, with the first arriving in late 1943. A further twenty-four aircraft were obtained in late 1944, bringing the Marina’s total to sixty aircraft.

Crew: 1

Engine: One SAI R.25 18-cylinder air-cooled radial engine rated at 2,500 hp (takeoff)
Length: 10.00 meters
Wingspan: 12.00 meters
Height: 4.25 meters
Wing area: 28.00 square meters
Empty weight: 4,190 kg
Loaded weight: 5,600 kg
Maximum takeoff weight: 6,645 kg
Maximum speed: 740 kph
Cruising speed: 415 kph
Service ceiling: 10,910 meters
Rate of climb (initial): 21.9 meters/second
Range: 1,200 kilometers (internal fuel)


Four 23mm Madsen cannon with 180 rounds per gun in the wings. One centerline rack rated for 1,000 kg load (ordnance or external fuel tank), two wing racks each rated for 500 kg load (ordnance or external fuel tank), two wing racks each rated for 250 kg load (rocket ordnance only)