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Monday, March 13th 2017, 10:27pm


I will have to look into this; I may have posted an earlier revision in error.


You are quite correct; I reversed something in the process - likelier my output. Revised Subsim below


Type XXIII Coastal Submarine

Date: 1948
Type: Coastal

Length: 45.0 metres
Beam: 5.5 metres
Draft: 5.5 metres
Crush depth: 225 metres

Light Displacement: 497 tons
Loaded Displacement: 569 tons
Full Displacement: 681 tons

Weight of fuel and batteries: 185 tons
Reserve buoyancy: 16%

- 4 x 533mm torpedo tubes (all forward)
- 12 tons for mines or reload torpedoes

Electric Motors: 2,700 hp
Diesel Motors: 800 hp
- Max Surfaced Speed: 10.9 knots
- Max Submerged Speed: 17.0 knots

- Surfaced: 7,593 nm at 8 knots
- Submerged: 193 nm at 6 knots

Tons Oil: 60.0 tons
Tons Battery: 125.0 tons
Miscellaneous Weight: 30 tons

Fitted with air mast for operation of diesel engines while submerged