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Thursday, August 31st 2017, 1:02am

Preliminary Profile - Lippisch Li-10 High Speed Research Aircraft

The Li-10 is intended to serve as a high-speed research aircraft to investigate the challenges of trans-sonic flight. It employs the novel delta-wing planform developed by Doctor Alexander Lippisch in his work at the Luftfahrtforschungsanstalt Wien. Construction of the first of two prototype aircraft has been assigned to the Ernst Heinkel AG of Rostock-Marienehe.

General Characteristics

Crew: one
Length: 12.99 m
Wingspan: 9.55 m
Height: 5.37 m
Wing area: 39.5 sq. m
Empty weight: 4,118 kg
Loaded weight: 6,626 kg

Powerplant: BMW 003K turbojet, 33.4 kN

Projected Performance

Maximum speed: 1,150 km/h
Service ceiling: 15,400 m
Rate of climb: 41 m/s
Wing loading: 168 kg/sq. m
Thrust/weight: 0.51


Thursday, August 31st 2017, 10:09am

Nice use of the historical XF-92.