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Monday, October 9th 2017, 2:33pm

Tuesday 16. December 1947 – Beijing “The Pu Xuan Hotel"

From the diary of a participant:

And what is the end now ?

It is finished. Exciting and exhausting days and weeks at the toughest rallye in the world are now behind us. The memories of the unique and crazy atmosphere among the participants I will never forget. Also the enthusiasm of the local population, the extremely sympathetic and capable chinese mechanics, the beautiful cities of the chinese empire, the different landscapes and last but not least, the fun and very good mood in the cockpit shape the memories sustainably. All in all it was a special experience which I would not want to miss.

I will see all participants again at the official victory celebration in Shanghai. The time will tell whether the friendships that are concluded at this rallye will continue.


Monday, October 9th 2017, 4:27pm

Many thanks for running this contest. It's been an interesting piece.

Dennis Poore and Mike Hawthorn in their Triumph 2000 TDA are more than happy about winning Class A.

Sydney Allard and Tom Lush are very pleased about winning the eventful Class A1 race and that the Allard J2 has proven a winner.

Ken Wharton and Peter Whitehead (navigator) in their Frazer Nash High Speed are pleased enough with third place and for having completed the event.

The Class B race was very eventful and closely fought.
Charles Tucker and Ted Griffiths are pleased to have come third and despite several mishaps the Land Rover has come through the grueling event.
Johnny Claes and Olivier Gendebien nursed their Minerva M-20 home too and did a good job.
Oscar Alfredo Galvez and Rodolfo Torres in the Nandú were trailing for most of the race and therefore did not expect to win any high places but they are happy to have finished and experience this unique event.


Monday, October 9th 2017, 9:47pm

Mitsubishi driver: "Who's the idiot that parked his car there in the middle of the road?! It's sabotage I tell you! Sabotage!" :D

One minor thing that I have missed (noticed it when I was looking at what exactly the Liexi TAV was again) is that you used an image of the OTL Type 97 tank in the encyclopedia entry for the Silk Way Rally for the KHI Type 97 which is actually a different tank.

The KHI Type 97 is this... (also changed the entry in the encyclopedia to replace the old and dead photobucket image with the 'new' dropbox one)

Performance-wise it is slightly better than the OTL Type 97 (which is Type 90 in Wesworld) but I would assume that it won't change anything when it comes to the results.

All in all, a fun race. :)


Tuesday, October 10th 2017, 12:20am


A fun and interesting thread. Thanks for hosting it.


Beijing “The Pu Xuan Hotel", Tuesday 16 December 1947

The celebration for the victorious Yugoslav team, The Flying Pandurs, went on late into the night. It seemed as if every Yugoslav in Beijing, from the consul-general down to the sales representative of the smallest exporter, stopped by at one point or another to participate in a congratulatory toast and partake of the varied potent potables that fueled the party. The Yugoslav national anthem assaulted the ears of the other guests on at least three separate occasions.

At one point Konstantin Prigal, the team captain, stood atop a table and spoke:

“Friends, my countrymen! Allow me to offer a toast – to our humble Triglav, which carried our team to victory. To the engineers who designed her, to the workers who built her, to her mechanics who worked miracles to see her through the deserts of China. May she now rest in peace, or pieces rather – so arduous was her service. But next year, may we drive another to victory!”

The cheers echoed throughout the hotel, prompting the management to quietly ask the Yugoslavs to please keep their celebration to a dull roar.


Wednesday, October 11th 2017, 2:08pm


I am very happy that you all enjoyed my report on the Silkway Rallye. At first I did not know how to play the individual stages. I have looked after all possibilities in the WWW. I thought, i can play it like a board game or something similar. But somehow I have found nothing suitable. But then chance came to my rescue - in the form of a fantasy-roleplay (i play sometimes with my fellow students [started in 1993 and still playing twice a year]). There, events happened by rolling a dice and then looked at chart what exactly happened. And so .... the Silkway Rallye is played by rolling W6 / W10 and W20 Dice's.