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Thursday, November 23rd 2017, 7:01pm

Preliminary Data - M1948 Mountain Howitzer

This weapon was adapted from a Skoda commercial design by the Skoda-Davao Ordnance Company to fulfill Philippine Army requirements for a modern mountain howitzer.

Weight: 1,350 kilograms
Length: 3.95 meters
Barrel length: 1,910 mm
Width: 1.75 meters
Height: 1.9 meters

Caliber: 105mm
Shell weight: 15 kilograms
Breech: Horizontal Sliding Block
Recoil: Hydro-pneumatic
Carriage: Split Trail
Elevation: 7° 30' to +70°
Traverse: 18°
Muzzle velocity: 435 m/s
Maximum firing range: 11,000 meters