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Saturday, February 10th 2018, 1:09am

Preliminary Profile - Wiener Neustadter Flugzeugwerke Wf21 Transport Helicopter

Development cycle commenced in 1948 following the success of the somewhat smaller Wf14. A prototype is expected to fly sometime in 1949 with a service introduction sometime in 1950.

General characteristics

Crew: 3 (two pilots, one crew chief)
Capacity: up to 20 troops, 12 stretchers, or equivalent freight
Length: 16.01 metres (fuselage)
Rotor diameter: 13.41metres
Height: 4.80 metres
Disc area: 282.6 square metres
Empty weight: 4,058 kg
Loaded weight: 6,893 kg
Maximum takeoff weight: 6,893 kg
Powerplant: One Bramo 350 9-cylinder radial air cooled engine, 1,425 hp, driving two rotors


Maximum speed: 204 kph
Cruising speed: 158 kph
Range: 427 kilometres
Service ceiling: 2,880 metres
Rate of climb: 4.3 metres/second
Disc loading: 24 kg/square metre