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Saturday, November 4th 2017, 12:28pm

12 May

The Courts Martial of Navy released its verdict following its in camera hearing.
Schout bij Nacht Mertens sat in the centre of the long table as the defendants were called in one by one to hear their verdict.

Luitenant ter Zee der 2e klasse Schelk, the K-34's navigation officer was exonerated, much to the officer's relief. Being a mid-career officer a negative verdict could easily have ended his career or would have seen him shore-bound at the least.

Luitenant ter Zee 3de klasse Bocuhet, the young radio officer aboard the K-34 was held responsible for the poor performance of the men under his command. The judges ruled his training had been insufficient and that he had lacked oversight of his mens' duties. He was ordered to retake the officer course at the Officers College before he could be re-assigned to any ship or shore-based supervisory role, but he escaped demotion from the officer ranks or expulsion from the service. Whether it would stain his subsequent career was something only time could tell.

Seaman Taschen, the radio operator on duty at the time of incident was exonerated. He could rejoin the K-34 and complete the rest of his submarine training course.

Seaman Prits, the radio operator who had come off duty before the incident and who had misfiled the vital communique RS/A-203N-64 and failed to give his relief a proper briefing before leaving the radio compartment was found guilty of gross negligence and was expelled from the service.

13 May
In a brief communique the Navy Ministry announced that that following a courts martial, one sailor from the K-34 had been dismissed for gross negligence while on duty and one officer had been cautioned for his actions leading up to the incident.


Friday, November 10th 2017, 8:31pm

26 May
The T.O.P. (Tot Ons Plezier)multi sports club in Paramaribo, Suriname has been renamed from N.A.K.S. (Na Arbeid Komt Sport). Aside from Football, NAKS also has a korfball and gymnastics teams.

30 May
The Army has sent several teams to represent the Netherlands in the competitions of the 1948 Militariad held in Russia against some of the best military completion teams from across Europe.
A team drawn from the 4th Panser Regiment, including four Dutch T-44 tanks which were shipped to the Alabino Proving Ground near Moscow, participated in the Armoured Spearhead. This event pitted a platoon of medium tanks and their crews to a timed cross-country drive through obstacles including hills, water obstacles, tank traps, and rough terrain, ending on a shooting range with pop-up targets, to be engaged both with main gun and machine guns. The 4th Panser team came second behind the French and ahead of a strong German team.
Other teams participating in other events were; three teams drawn from the Regiment Limburgse Jagers, the Regiment Infanterie Oranje Gelderland and the Garderegiment Grenadiers en Jagers in the Grenadier Challenge, a team from the 1e Royal Guard Dragoon Regiment in the Presentation, a team from the 1e Parachute Fusilier Regiment in the Parachute Raid, a team drawn from the Regiment Stoottroepen King William in the 250km Raid, another team drawn from the Garderegiment Grenadiers en Jagers in the Sapper's Challenge and two teams drawn from the 5th Regiment Korps Veldartillerie and the 3rd Regiment Korps Veldartillerie in the Thunderbolt / Artillery Biathlon. The sole silver medallist finish helped the Netherlands to finish in sixth place overall, but several Army sources have noted disappointment that the other Dutch teams did not fare better, but others have pointed out that resources were scare and only a few teams could make the event.


Saturday, November 25th 2017, 4:58pm

1 June
The Minister of Defence Wim Schokking confirmed today that the change of status of the Kongo and Ubangi-Shari as provinces will alter the status of their armed forces. They will be brought once again within the overall structure of the Dutch armed forces rather than being standalone structures but will retain operational independence and will still be responsible for local recruitment, supply and procurement. As with the Dutch East Indies, there will also be a degree of local political oversight. Changes in manpower are not foreseen.

8 June
An explosion at the ammunition bunker Diogenes at Koningsweg has killed five people. A police investigation is underway.


Thursday, December 14th 2017, 10:11am

14 June

The Philippine vice-presidential delegation led by Vice President Roxas arrived at Schiphol Airport this afternoon. Vice President Roxas and his delegation are on a European visit to discuss the security situation in the Far East. Talks will be held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Friday, December 22nd 2017, 2:31pm

19 June
Admiraal of the Far East Fleet, Admiraal Maarten Winters, reported to the Naval Headerquarters in Den Helder today that recent aircraft carrier group exercises in the Celebes Sea involving the 2nd and 3rd Carrier Divisions have been completed successfully. It is reported that Exercise Diamant lasted for six days and was designed to test both the defensive capabilities of the carrier group as a unit and to conduct mass airstrikes from aircraft carriers to overwhelm enemy forces.

29 June
The Aardappelmeel Verkoop Bureau (Potato Flour Sales Office) starch manufacturers, supported by several famers’ collectives have today formally merged all its cooperatives into one company as AVEBE. In recent years the focus has shifted from native starch to the production of starch derivatives.


Monday, January 1st 2018, 4:45pm

1 July
A new newspaper has hit the newsstands in Surabaya, Java, today. The Jawa Pos (Java Post) has been launched by local business man Suseno Tedjo. The newspaper's motto is, "There is always something new".

2 July
Fokker has signed a production agreement enabling the Italian aircraft manufacturer Macchi to build the S.15 Instructor under licence as the Macchi M.416. The S.15 is a development of the S.11 powered by a 260hp Minerva-Avia Minion Minor engine. The prototype was first flown in May 1948 and the first deliveries will be made to the Luchtmacht in December 1948.

7 July
Voters head to the polling stations all over Holland today to cast their votes in the General Election. The turnout was 93% (the Netherlands has had a system of compulsory voting since 1917).


Friday, January 12th 2018, 2:51pm

8 July
The results of the General Election are:
De Progressieve Eland-Stier Partij (Progressive Party, PEP): 38 members (25%)
Rooms-Katholieke Volkspartij (Catholic Peoples Party, RKVP): 33 members (22%)
Partij van de Arbeid (Labour Party, PvDa): 27 members (18%)
Vrijheidsbond (Freedom League): 13 members (8.6%)
Arbeiders-Democratische Bond (Democratic Workers' League): 12 members (8%)
De Mannen met Zeer Boze Blikken Partij (DMZSBD): 9 members (6%)
Communistische Partij Holland (Communist Party of Holland): 8 members (5%)
Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie (The People's Party for Freedom and Democracy, VVD): 8 members (5%)
Liberale Staatspartij de Vrijheidsbond (Liberal State Party, LSP): 2 members (1.3%)
Sociaal Democratische Arbeiders Partij (Social Democratic Workers' Party, SDAP): 0 members

The Dutch election results once again have failed to produce a clear majority party. Negotiations have begun between party leaders to secure a coalition cabinet to run the country. Mathematically it looks very difficult for the Vrijheidsbond and DMZSBD to recreate their coalition formula.

10 July
A new coalition government has been formed. The Progressive Party has allied with the Catholic Peoples Party, the Labour Party, the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy and the Liberal State Party. Together they hold 108 seats (72%) in the Tweede Kamer. This is a major political change, the first for thirteen years that the centre-left has held the seat of power. Talks are now underway to settle the cabinet positions.

12 July
A new coalition Council of Ministers has been formed.
Prime Minister and Minister of General Affairs: Eduard Land
Deputy Prime Minister: Josef van Schaik
Minister of the Interior: Johan van Maarseveen
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Dirk Stikker
Minister of Defence: Wim Schokking
Minister of Finance: Piet Lieftinck
Minister of Economic Affairs: Gerardus Huysmans
Minister of Social Affairs and Employment: Ko Suurhoff
Minister of Education, Sciences and Culture: Theo Rutten
Minister of Ministry of Social Affairs and Health: Dolf Joekes
Minister of Transport, Public Works and Water Management: Sicco Mansholt
Minister of Housing, Spatial Planning and Environment: Jos Gielen
Staatssecretaris of Justice: Charles Lambert
Staatssecretaris of the Army: Alexander Fiévez
Staatssecretaris of the Air Force: Theo Baars
Staatssecretaris of the Navy: Rear Admiraal (Ret) Jules Schagen van Leeuwen
Staatssecretaris of the Marines: Willem de Rave


Saturday, January 27th 2018, 10:50am

17 July
The coaster Amstelstroom ran aground on Lundy Island in poor weather today off the British county of Devon United Kingdom. All eleven crew managed to scramble ashore.

18 July
Baron Owija and his clan were unhappy at the disbanding of the Kingdom of Kongo Army and its absorption as part of the overall Dutch structure. The increased pay scales had mollified the soldiers but what annoyed the Baron and his family (all of whom held positions of influence in the Army) was that the Dutch had cleverly not only maintained their Royal rule but that they had now also direct control of the Army from The Hague. Why should he, a noble Baron, have to take orders from a bureaucrat thousands of miles away?

21 July
The new Prime Minister Eduard Land has accepted the invitation of the German Chancellor to visit Berlin for talks on future co-operation. It is believed that the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dirk Stikker, will accompany the Prime Minister.

22 July
The Defence Ministry today ordered 115 Fokker D.XXVIIIA jet fighters for the Royal Netherlands Air Force East Indies Command (KLNI). This is a variant of the basic D.XXVIII design with several changes requested by the KLNI. The main differences are; stronger undercarriage, improved cockpit air conditioning, greater generator capacity, hardpoints capable of carrying up to 500kg each and a more powerful 3,500lb Swazi 4 turbojet. Deliveries are likely to begin in September 1949.

28 July
DAF announced today that they are working on three new trucks for the Netherlands Army using the standard DAF H-Drive transmission to provide good cross-country performance. The YA-054 will be a new standard 4x4 vehicle and the YA-126 will be a 1 tonne capacity 4x4 general purpose truck and the YA-318 will be a 3 tonne capacity 6x6 general purpose truck. Prototypes are currently under development and all three should enter service around 1950. Commercial versions will also be available.


Saturday, January 27th 2018, 1:19pm

Baron Owija...?

Hmm. Hell hath no fury than a Baron scorned.


Today, 12:17pm

1 August
Today the airline KNILM (Royal Dutch Indian Airlines) has officially opened its new subsidary KNILM Interinsulair Bedrijf (KNILM Interinsular Service) to operate all inter-DEI commercial flights, leaving KNILM to operate international services from its main airport hubs. The Kroonduif subsidiary will continue to operate aerial services across New Guinea.

7 August
Today marks the first Grote Prijs van Nederland (Dutch Grand Prix) which was held on the brand new circuit at Zandvoort. The race was won by Thailand's Prince Bira in an old Maserati 4CL. Second place went to Tony Rolt driving an Alfa Romeo Tipo-B and third place was claimed by Reg Parnell driving a Maserati 4CLT.
The first street race in Zandvoort was held on June 3 1939 but plans for a permanent track stalled until Le Mans winner, S. C. H. "Sammy" Davis was brought in as a track design advisor in July 1946.