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Saturday, January 7th 2017, 8:19pm

Fuerza Aérea del Perú - Fighter and Interceptor Aircraft

Repository for information pertaining to the subject.


Saturday, January 7th 2017, 8:38pm

Fiat G.55 Centauro Fighter Aircraft

The Fuerza Aérea del Perú adopted the Fiat G.55 as its standard tactical fighter early in 1944, acquiring an initial batch of 66 aircraft early 1944 to replace its surviving Hawker Hurricanes and Boulton Paul Defiants. Additional batches were acquired to permit the relegation of the older Fiat CR.36 to the training role.

Crew: 1

Engine: One Fiat A.38 RC.12/40/58 inline liquid cooled engine rated at 1,780 CV (combat rating)
Wingspan: 11.95 meters
Length: 10.12 meters
Height: 3.26 meters
Wing area: 26.00 square meters
Empty weight: 3,743 kg
Maximum weight: 5,890 kg
Speed: 683 kph at 5,800 meters
Service ceiling: 11,900 meters
Combat radius: 900 kilometers


Four 13.2mm Breda-SAFAT machineguns with 200 rpg in the wings; one fuselage and two wing hard points for up to 500 kg bombs or auxiliary fuel tanks


Monday, January 9th 2017, 2:19am

Fiat CR.36 Fighter-Training Aircraft

Prior to the arrival of the G.55 Centauro the Fiat CR.36 served as the premier fighter aircraft of the Fuerza Aérea del Perú; with the arrival of the former aircraft the CR.36 was demoted but soldiered on as fighter-training aircraft, retaining their combat capability for use in the event of mobilization.

Crew: 1

Engine: One Alfa-Romeo Vortice RC.20/50 inline liquid cooled engine rated at 1,270 CV (combat rating)
Wingspan: 8.51 meters
Length: 7.63 meters
Height: 2.40 meters
Wing area: 13.86 square meters
Empty weight: 1,960 kg
Maximum weight: 2,300 kg
Speed: 645 kph at 5,000 meters
Service ceiling: 11,600 meters
Combat radius: 400 kilometers


Four 13.2mm Breda-SAFAT machineguns with 400 rpg in the wings


Wednesday, February 15th 2017, 4:20pm

Avia Av-42P Fighter Aircraft

In mid-1947 a Peruvian delegation approached the Czechoslovak firm Avia Akciova Spolecnost Pro Prumysl Letecky with a request to acquire a quantity of Av-42 fighter aircraft, a design only then being developed for the Czechoslovak Air Force. The Peruvians requested several changes – chief of which was the installation of the Italian Fiat A.38 RC.12/40/58 engine in place of the Avia-Minerva Paladin IIIES that powered the original design; though marginally heavier the Italian engine offered more horsepower and offered commonality with other aircraft already in Peruvian service. Minor changes in the design’s armament were also requested. A prototype of the modified aircraft was flown in December 1947, swiftly followed by an order from Peru for 100 aircraft. Deliveries from the Prague-Letňany works commenced in June 1948. In Peruvian service it was awarded the sobriquet ‘Tunqui’.

Crew: 1

Engine: One Fiat A.38 RC.12/40/58 inline liquid cooled engine rated at 1,780 CV (combat rating)
Wingspan: 10.36 meters
Length: 8.94 meters
Height: 2.59 meters
Wing area: 23.32 square meters
Empty weight: 3,284 kg
Maximum weight: 4,092 kg
Speed: 710 kph at 5,800 meters
Service ceiling: 11,430 meters
Rate of climb: 16 meters/second
Range: 1,100 km


One 23mm Madsen cannon in the nose with 200 rounds, two 13.2mm Breda SAFAT machineguns in the upper fuselage decking with 220 rounds per gun, and One 23mm Madsen cannon in each wing with 200 rounds per gun. Can be fitted with underwing racks for four rockets or four 50 kg bombs.


Tuesday, March 20th 2018, 5:55pm

Caproni Ariete Serie III Fighter Aircraft

With the acquisition by the Armada del Peru of the former Italian aircraft carrier Giovanni Caboto the decision was made to acquire a quantity of Ariete fighter-bomber aircraft to form a part of the Armada’s latest flagship, Lima. Unfortunately changing defense priorities and difficulties in procuring spares for the Lima led to a decision to dispose of it to the Argentine Navy in the latter part of 1948.

The Ariete fighters of the Lima’s air group were transferred to the Fuerza Aerea del Peru to serve in a land-based role, allowing formation of two fighter units initially based at Callao.

Crew: One
Length: 10.00 m
Wingspan: 12.00 m
Height: 4.25 m
Wing area: 28.00 m2
Empty weight: 4,190 kg
Loaded weight: 5,600 kg
Maximum takeoff weight: 6,645 kg
Powerplant: 1 × SAI R.25 18-cylinder air-cooled radial engines 2,500 hp


Maximum speed: 740 km/h at 5,500 m
Cruise speed: 415 km/h
Range: 1,200 km with internal fuel; 1,775 km with two drop tanks
Endurance: 2.5 hr cruise + 30 min combat
Service ceiling: 10,910 m
Rate of climb: 21.9 m/s


Guns: 4 × 20 mm IFS cannon
Hardpoints: (total maximum hardpoint load, 1000kg)

One centerline rated for 1000kg (Plumbed, Bombs), or
Two wing rated for 500kg (Plumbed, Bombs), or
Two wing rated for 250kg (Rocket racks)