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Saturday, October 20th 2018, 6:12pm

Novosti News Service, Bar, Wednesday, 24 November 1948

Today saw several milestones in the renaissance of the Royal Yugoslav Navy. The Adriatic Shipyards saw the launch of Ammunition Auxiliary C and Ammunition Auxiliary D, the latest pair of Project 1948 Alpha vessels ordered by the navy. It is expected that they will be completed in the early spring of next year. The fast minelayer Banat has completed its operational training, and will undertake a cruise in company with her sister, Vojvodina, to the Greek port of Corfu.


Thursday, October 25th 2018, 12:40am

Yugoslav News and Events, December 1948

Novosti News Service, Slavonski Brod, Wednesday, 1 December 1948

The first production M48 “Kurjak” medium tank was handed over to representatives of the Royal Yugoslav Army today by the Special Vehicles Works of First Yugoslav Heavy Engineering Ltd. The Army has placed orders for an initial quantity of three hundred M48 tanks, production of which is to be shared with the Jasenica Equipment and Machinery Company of Smederevska Palanka.


Sunday, October 28th 2018, 1:37am

Novosti News Service, Bar, Monday, 6 December 1948

Yesterday saw special ceremonies to mark the launching of the latest two vessels intended for the Royal Yugoslav Navy – Landing Ship G and Landing Ship H. Both vessels are of the Project 1948 Gamma type. They are slated for completion in February of next year.


Thursday, November 15th 2018, 3:42pm

Lagny-sur-Marne, France, Friday, 10 December 1948

The postman had brought the letters the day before; Petar Baranov had left the one addressed to his daughter unopened, for she had not yet returned home from Paris for the winter holiday. The one addressed to him and his wife he had opened immediately, and the two of them had had long discussion over the contents. But they had reached a conclusion.

“Papa! Mama!” The slamming of the door occasioned by the strong wind outside announced Xenia’s arrival. She hung up her winter coat and joined her parents in the parlour where a few moments idle talk preceded serious matters.

“A letter has come for you my dear.” Baranov indicated the envelope on the sideboard, his look conveying a mix of love and concern. Xenia snatched it up and opened it, quickly scanning its contents.

“It is from Petar! He has invited… us… to visit Yugoslavia…” Baranov watched the play of emotions pass over his daughter’s face – surprise, elation, doubt, understanding. She did not speak for a moment, but looked first to her mother, and then to her father.

“What does your heart say child?” Her mother, of course, understood the matter.

“I wish to go, but…”

Grand Duchess Olga had chosen to follow her own heart, turning her back on ‘duty’ to find happiness with her husband away from courts and ceremony. Her daughter stood at a crossroads, but need to clearly see the choices ahead of her.

“If we go, you will have a clear view of the options ahead of you. I believe this man cares very much for you, but that alone does not mean that the path offered is the only one, or the happiest one, for you. To say no out of fear a most unwise course.”

Xenia considered her mother’s advice, and looked to her father.

“We shall go if it is your wish. As simple citizens of France, of course.”