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Saturday, February 2nd 2019, 3:06pm

Belgian News 1949

20 January
The Aeronautique Marine has signed a contract with Fokker for the delivery of twelve T.XM maritime patrol aircraft. All twelve will be delivered this year and will largely replace the current fleet of Fokker T.XIV.Wm seaplanes that are no longer required in large numbers.


Tuesday, February 12th 2019, 11:21am

26 January
Manufacture Belge de Lampes Electriques, famous for its Mazda brand lightbulbs, Adzam brand electron tubes and fluorescent tubes has branched out from lighting products and has begun manufacturing other electronic components for the growing telecommunications market. These new products are the result of work carried out in the company’s research lab, which opened in 1945.

1 February
Astronomer Jean Meeus asserts that the orbits of all the planets of the Solar System are within the same 90° arc of the Solar System on this date. The next time it is thought this will occur is on May 6 2492.