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Wednesday, January 29th 2020, 7:33pm

Siebel Si 223 Flamingo Light Utility Helicopter

Presently under development by the Siebel Flugzeugwerke; prototype expected to fly sometime early in 1950. Intended to meet the demands of the civil market for a simple light utility helicopter.

General characteristics

Crew: 1
Capacity: 3 passengers
Length: 8.97 metres (fuselage), 12.95 metres (overall)
Height: 2.51 metres
Empty weight: 943 kg
Gross weight: 1,406 kg
Powerplant: One air-cooled six-cylinder horizontally-opposed engine, 270 hp
Main rotor diameter: 10.67 metres
Main rotor area: 89.4 square metres


Maximum speed: 174 kph at sea level
Range: 420 kilometres
Endurance: 5.15 hours (with auxiliary fuel)
Rate of climb: 5.2 metres/second at 2,400 metres