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Saturday, April 16th 2005, 2:42am

Marina de Filipinas Q2/27

Marina de Filipinas
1927 Second Quarter Report
1 April-30 June

A. Factories

9/11 factories = 9,000t of material + 11t stockpiled = 9,011t available
8947t are used, and 0t transferred, leaving a stockpile of 64t.
(1373t transferred in placed directly to contract work)

2/11 factories (committed) = 0.2 infrastructure pts +
0/11 factories (flexible) = 0.0 pts = 0.2 pts available

B. Infrastructure Development

Continued upgrade of Type 3 drydock at Butuan to Type 4
0.2 points alotted = 0.6 total/1 needed = 0.4 needed to complete

Continued construction of Type 1 port at Itu Aba
0.0 points alotted = 0.6 total/3.0 needed = 2.4 needed to complete

C. Naval Development and Construction

at Manila:
S4: BC Bohol receives 2093t, balance 16544t, completes 25 May 29
S3: idle
S1: idle
D2: idle
D1: idle
Dockside: BC Samal receives 2000t, balance 5305t, completes 6 Mar 28
Dockside: DD Cigüeña receives 128t, commissioned 10 May
Dockside: CL Durnaran launched 17 May; receives 995t, balance 764t, completes 10 Dec
Dockside: PD Manila receives eight 13.7mm MG = 1t

at Butuan:
S2: idle
S1: idle
S0: idle
S0: idle
S0: YT Aklan laid down 1 Apr; receives 117t, balance 40t, completes 6 Aug
S0: YT Sorsogon laid down 1 Apr; receives 117t, balance 40t, completes 6 Aug
D3: *upgrading*
Dockside: CDS Tacloban receives 659t, commissioned 19 May
Dockside: YT Cadiz launched 1 Apr; receives 43t, commissioned 6 May
Dockside: YT Antique launched 1 Apr; receives 43t, commissioned 6 May
Dockside: DD Milano launched 8 May; receives 371t, balance 526t, completes 10 Nov
Dockside: CL Culion launched 17 May; receives 995t, balance 764t, completes 10 Dec

at San Fernando:
S2: DD Halcón laid down 1 Apr; receives 371t, balance 897t, completes 10 Feb 28
D1: idle
D0: Water tanker Apayao laid down 1 Apr; receives 147t, balance 58t, completes 8 Aug
Dockside: Peruvian CDS Lima receives 1373t, balance 2102t, completes 20 Nov
Dockside: 2 x Abejorro-class PB rearmed = 6 tons

at Puerto Princesa:
S1: GB La Union laid down 1 Apr; receives 330t, balance 187t, completes 18 Aug
Dockside: Training ship Magellan receives 330t, balance 170t, completes 18 Aug

Commericial shipyards:
PB Tábano constructed - 131 tons

D. Transactions

1373 tons of material received from Peru to construct CDBB Lima

E. Other Notes

CE Palawan destroyed by magazine explosion.

Constructed one triple 155mm turret for coast defenses = 70t

Ships laid down this quarter: one destroyer, one gunboat, two tugboats, one patrol boat and one water tanker

DD Cerceta, GB Mindoro, Antarctica, SC Golfo complete shakedown

BB San Pablo continues shakedown cruise

CDS Tacloban, DD Cigüeña, PB Tábano, tugs Cadiz, Antique begins shakedown cruises

F. Scrappage Report

Stockpiled Guns
in turrets: 1 2x6" Mk 12
singles: 8 x 6" Mk VI, 16 x 3" Mk VI

G. Updated Order of Battle, 30 June 1927

Note: X(Y)+Z = completed (under repair/refit) + under construction

-Combat Force-
Second class battleships 3(0)+0
Coast defense battleships 2(0)+0
Battlecruisers 1(0)+2
Second class cruisers 3(0)+2 (+2 awaiting delivery from Germany)
Escort cruisers 2(0)+0
Destroyers 10(0)+2
Destroyer escorts 7(0)+0
Subchasers 12(0)+0
Submarines 1(0)+0
Torpedo boats 3(0)+0
Fast torpedo craft 40(0)+0
Gunboats 8(0)+1
Patrol boats 2(0)+0
Fisheries patrol boats 1(0)+0
Assault transports 1(0)+0
Minelayers 3(0)+0
Minesweepers (coastal) 15(0)+0

-Support Force-
Transports 1(0)+0
Training ships 0(0)+1
Harbour Tugs 2(0)+2
Oilers 1(0)+0
Water tankers 0(0)+1



Saturday, April 16th 2005, 8:47am

What happened to asking if we were ready to post!!!!


Good thing its the weekend, time to post news late AGAIN!


Saturday, April 16th 2005, 9:43am

Can't trust them shifty-eyed Filipinos, or French, or Russians. :) I should have my stuff ready by Monday.


Saturday, April 16th 2005, 4:03pm


CE Palawan destroyed by magazine explosion.

Jeez...another one? Good thing you just bought those twenty-five year old protected cruisers.

"Join the MdF! See the world! Meet new people! Get blown up!"

Needless to say, some news on this item will be necessary.


Saturday, April 16th 2005, 4:44pm

Well I did ask. But I was sort of waiting for a responce.


Saturday, April 16th 2005, 4:46pm

Perhaps one of us can help the poor cruiser on its way to oblivion?


Saturday, April 16th 2005, 5:05pm

As for speed...sorry 'bout that. But I figured since I had the report ready...

As for the cruiser...magazine explosion? What magazine explosion? I know no-tink!!

*whistles innocently away*



Saturday, April 16th 2005, 9:57pm

*Blows up magazine of Filipino Cruiser*
That magazine explosion!
With me as an ally, who need enemies. :-)


Saturday, April 16th 2005, 11:29pm

... I seem to remember that the previous Presidente had an... unfortunate 'accident'... so who did you blow up this time?