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Wednesday, August 3rd 2005, 11:27pm

Guys, your thoughts please...

Iberia is now back up and running, but this leaves me with a problem.......

The last quarterly report that Bernhard did was for Q1 1922,
so I have a gap in the records of 19 quarters.

It's a huge amount of resources to not use, 399,000 tons or 39.9 IP Points.

I have assumed the continued construction of Factory 22, so that takes care of 8 IP Points (the final 2 being in the 1927 reports), so what can I do with the rest (31.9 IP)?

I think it would be easier to improve infrastructure, than to retroactively insert ships into the order of battle.



Wednesday, August 3rd 2005, 11:56pm

Don't forget your bonus points if your factories work all year to create infrastructure points.


Thursday, August 4th 2005, 12:00am

Well, how far would you be from treaty limits after finishing the ships from 1922? Maybe split it between ships and infrastructure. Iberia hasn't been militarily active, or really active at all for a long time so adding ships won't mess up anyone's storylines from what I can tell.


Thursday, August 4th 2005, 12:30am

Building only infrastructure would be easiest, but not at all realistic. I can't expect any navy would just not build for such a long period of time.

My thinking is, come up with some designs, and then just put together a five-year plan without regard as to what gets laid down when (unless it's not finished).

If you want, give me a budget and weapon info, and I can propose a building plan for some sector of the naval program.


Thursday, August 4th 2005, 1:04am

Why not just mirror Italy's (your alliance partner) building in proportion? An alternative would be to take the average of Italy/France/GB and Atlantis to get a ballance of what the Joneses have been doing.



Thursday, August 4th 2005, 1:27am

I second Rocky's "Five Year Plan" suggestion...

Now, if you really want to have a "Five Year Hiatus" instead, you could pour on the coals for infrastructure, constructing ports in the overseas colonies.


Thursday, August 4th 2005, 2:46am

Well, how is most antagonistic to Iberia? Atlantis?, the UK? the Americans? The little powers that fly around like gnats?

Whoever the most likely threat is, is who Iberia should be building to counter. The Chileans went overbroad on the Heavy Armored Cruisers because of Iberian models, and the large size of the Argentinean fleet (speculative, based on Historical Janes mixed with Wesworld information). And now Chile is building to counter moves from Peru and the Philappines as well as to update an aging pre-dreadnought era fleet.

So go with what you think is best based on what Iberia would see in a given year, roughly. Build what you think they'd think they'd need to counter threats, and build new facilities where they think they might be needed. And remember, the Paracels are under an Iberian Mandate to Patrol for Piracy in the South China Sea, so think of what Iberia would send to handle that from mid-1926 to present.


Thursday, August 4th 2005, 6:36am

I get a sence that the AANM is wary of both FAR and SATSUMA depending on what nation you talk to.

My perseption was Atlantian/Iberian relations were similar to Atlantis/India relations, (minus the Yo-yo cooling off periods) warming up but being long time enemy's the distrust is still present and their respective alliances are constantly flashing the sabre. This would also effect Iberian/French relations as well.

Iberia and the Philippines clearly don't get along and as such any allies of the Philippines tend to get a frigid deplomatic relationship from Iberia, so that dictates Iberia's mood in the Pacific.

Iberia is in the same boat as Atlantis in reguards to Britain, no hope in hell to match them in the near future (possibly ever) so its "make nice, and keep a watchfull eye on the Brits".The U.S. is a mirror image of Atlantis, a former enemy and wary of the Iberians.

My question is how does Iberia feel about Germany, Greece, Turkey, Chile, the SAE and Nordmark?


Thursday, August 4th 2005, 7:32am

Greece views Italy and Iberia as 1 entity in terms of 'threat'. Greece builds to maintain a comfortable superiority over Turkey and that it can't depend on assistance from any other quarter. This has triggered Italy to build. This is why I suggested mirroring Italy (% IP vs % tons for construction).



Thursday, August 4th 2005, 8:44am

We'll need to figure out the general events of the Iberian-American War and such, and how Liberia became Iberian. Generally I'd say the US is not overly fond of Iberia, but not actively seeking conflict either. We definitely are none too fond of your extensive Central American and Caribbean holdings. If the acquisition of Liberia was a result of the war, that will be a sore spot as well and could be more interesting from a storyline point of view.


Thursday, August 4th 2005, 7:46pm

... I don't have any data on the existing Iberian ships, but it is possible that a few of them need a refit or rebuild during that 19 quarter gap.


Greece views Italy and Iberia as 1 entity in terms of 'threat'.

One threat that comes in two lines: one line being just across the bit of water right in front of you and the second line being just acrosse the next bit of water, just beyond the first line.


We definitely are none too fond of your extensive Central American and Caribbean holdings.

... somehow that sounds familiar...


If the acquisition of Liberia was a result of the war, that will be a sore spot as well and could be more interesting from a storyline point of view.

That would definitely be interesting.
*starts to rewrite the wesworld history books*


Thursday, August 4th 2005, 8:01pm


*starts to rewrite the wesworld history books*

You can't rewrite what doesn't exist. You can only write a new chapter on "Iberia and the Americas".

I think that was one of the earlier problems as soon as new people entered the sim (including myself), was that some history was either not explained, or was hidden someplace. This has lead to several problems, which a few have been corrected by various means. The "History" section has some of that in it now, and will benefit from more information as either it is come across, or thought of by the player or group of players.

Its just going to be a constant in Wesworld as more people come in, or nations which players...."history" will be written/"corrected" as needed, and holes will be filled in the timeline. The Great War "hole" hasn't been fully filled yet, if I recall.


Thursday, August 4th 2005, 8:03pm

There is a difference between rewriting history and rewriting the history books. I was talking about the latter.
BTW, I am talking about the history books of 1927/1928.


Thursday, August 4th 2005, 8:19pm

Give Mac a bit of time on the history part, I have a feeling he's a little more receptive to explaining the finer points of history so we know why the hostility between nations exists.


Thursday, August 4th 2005, 9:52pm

Time is all we have

It'll be fine, I was just making a point about it in general.


Thursday, August 4th 2005, 10:29pm

Time flies like an arrow;
Fruit flies like a banana.
-Groucho Marx



Friday, August 5th 2005, 2:06am

Time is the best teacher. Unfortunately it kills all its students.