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Sunday, September 18th 2005, 7:03pm

South American Naval News: Special Report

October 9, 1928

[SIZE=3]Harlock's Pirates Escape! [/SIZE]

While returning to Chile, the battered cruiser General O'Higgins escorted the free trader Queen Emeraldas as she carried the 240 survivors of the stricken pirate battleship "Arcadia". On the Day of October 5, the O'Higgins received a distress call from a downed seaplane a hundred miles north of their position. Reportedly being faster then the Queen Emeraldas, and having a little coal to spare, the O'Higgins raced to rescue this downed plane. The Maunga Terevaka should have been there soon in case of problems. That day, while O'Higgins was returning from the rescue of the downed seaplane and its four passangers, the Queen Emeraldas's crew claims that a ship calling itself the "Maugna Terevaka" came to escort it. That night the captian of the "Terevaka" requested to be allowed to see what he called a proud ship, as the Queen is appearently quite a piece of art on the inside. After the "Terevaka's" ship's captian and some of his crew came aboard the Chilean Marines were served dinner. Then the "Terevaka's" captain's launch returned to his ship.

Since the Marines do not remember too much after this point, we have to go with the crew of the Emeraldas's account.

It seems the "Terevaka's" captain brought his ship's cook along to inspect the Emeralda's galley, and it is guessed that he slipped something into the drinking water or food, as it was a few hours before the marines and some of the ship's crew where knocked out. According to what few crew members that didn't get knocked out, the "Terevaka" came in close to the Emeraldas and boarded her, taking the captured pirates and some supplies with them. None of the crew or marines where harmed for some reason. But when asked to descripe the "Terevaka" to the captain of the O'Higgins that arrived early the next day, the description matched more closely to the pirate cruiser "Deathshadow" then to the Maunga Terevaka.

The real Maunga Terevaka arrived to greet the General O'Higgins two hours after the O'Higgins returned to the Queen Emeraldas. It appears they were also investigating a report of shadowy vessel seen a hundred miles north of them, not knowing that the Emeraldas was in any danger. The Marines say they did not see the captain of the "Terevaka" as they were guarding the prisoners, so no description other then that of the Emeraldas's crew exists on that account.

How did they know to intercept us, and how did they time the interception? The best guess is that the seaplane was a decoy for the O'Higgins and "Deathshadow" showed itself to some passing freighter to draw off the Terevaka. The four passangers of the seaplane where held for questioning and have admitted that they were charted to crash their plane deliberately. However they would not, even under questioning, give a reliable name as to who hired them. They will stand trial within the next month in Santiago. They did kept saying Harlock hired them, but Harlock is dead. Isn't he?


Sunday, September 18th 2005, 8:16pm

Harlock Lives!

October 12, 1928

[SIZE=3]Harlock Lives! [/SIZE]

A letter arrived addressed to Captain Chavez of the cruiser O'Higgins. It is assumed that Captain Forsberg of the Loki and Captain Sehwag of the Dhaka have also been sent this letter.

Dear Victorious Captains,

Well played. I have not encountered such a challege in all my years at sea. And while I shall miss the Arcadia, she was getting quite old and tired. And while I did not take the Loki as I had planned, I did manage to reveal her secret to the world.

You will probably not hear from me for a while, as this event has left me fatigued and with only a cruiser to ply the waves. While you might see me on the open ocean, know this. I do not prey on the innocent, nor do I kill needlessly. The crew of the Queen Emeraldas and the Marines of the Chileans are still alive because their deaths would serve no purpose other then to cause suffering. I will hunt those that harm the innocent, and those that grow fat on the suffering of others. Should your government be so corrupt that you let your people starve...I will take the food of your splendor and your poor will eat when your supplies run out.

For I live under the flag of freedom. No man may break my resolve.


[SIZE=3]Captain Harlock [/SIZE]


Sunday, September 18th 2005, 8:40pm

Long live Harlock!
Now where is going to get a new Arcadia?? Lotsa money to spend but no safe place to spend it on a new warship.


Sunday, September 18th 2005, 11:25pm

Hmm, isn't there another of those 'Iberian Mystery Ships' still extant? Or did we sink it too?


Sunday, September 18th 2005, 11:30pm

I'm sure the captain or his friends will come up with something suitable until a replacement can be built.


Sunday, September 18th 2005, 11:35pm

There are probably a few things lying around.


Monday, September 19th 2005, 4:36am

Space Battlecruiser Kongo? + Kirishima, Hiei, and Haruna?


Monday, September 19th 2005, 4:43am

Hmm, didn't Luzon go missing not too long ago? She was confused with "Deathshadow" once by the Chileans (at fog). Though that is not actually a battleship. Seems to be a lot of Japanese ships that are..."missing".


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Monday, September 19th 2005, 4:12pm

Is this some kind of "Robin Hood at Sea"-story?!?


Monday, September 19th 2005, 4:28pm

The Luzon was "lost" during transit from Nagasaki to Kobe.
(One Japanese officer said that it was a very suspicious incident though)


Seems to be a lot of Japanese ships that are..."missing".

Swamphen blows 'em up, I send 'em to the Twilight Zone. :-)


Is this some kind of "Robin Hood at Sea"-story?!?

And in the Movie version, Harlock is played by Errol Flynn. :-)


Monday, September 19th 2005, 4:50pm


Is this some kind of "Robin Hood at Sea"-story?!?

Maybe. I'm just trying to follow the character Captain Harlock's traits as best I can within this sim.

For more information, please watch whichever of the following fits your particular language:


"Die Abenteuer des phantastischen Weltraumpiraten Captain Harlock"
"Uchuu Kaizoku Captain Harlock"
"Space Pirate Captain Harlock"
"Albator 78"
"Pirata Espacial Espacial Capitan Harlock"

Errol Flynn with a scar, a long cape/cloak, maybe an eye patch, sort of unruly hair, and a big skull and cross bones on his black shirt and gloves. Might be interesting.


Monday, September 19th 2005, 7:50pm
Scar... cloak... eye patch... unruly hair... big skull and cross bones on black shirt and gloves... If you have some imagination, it might work.
[SIZE=4]Harlock: the Movie [/SIZE] [SIZE=1](1938)[/SIZE]
Starring Errol Flynn & Olivia De Havilland
Still ten more years to go until its release.


Monday, September 19th 2005, 9:44pm

"Talk Like a Pirate Day"?

Oh well, I guess my pirates don't talk much like pirates.

It will be a very interesting film however. Especially if they do it about the modern Harlock as oppose to the one that helped the Chileans during the War of the Pacific. (or even the ones during the Age of Pirates).


Friday, September 23rd 2005, 2:09am

It'll take Harlock's letter a few weeks to make its way across the ocean, but Captain Sehwag will have an opportunity to respond.

Good follow-up.