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Tuesday, September 27th 2005, 3:16am

South American Naval News: December 1928

October 3, 1928

The victorious Danish vessel Loki arrived to a hero's welcome today in Valparaiso. Captain Forsberg was given a grand tour of the capital while the new ambassidor settled into his new desk. Being a hero's ship and the secret of the Loki no longer a secret, a few Chilean engineers were able to tour the armoured transport. Absent though was Mr. Tochiro Oyama. His staff said that he'd heard about a ailment in the family and was going to be gone for a few days to help his loved ones. "Must be serious," said one of his aids. "He was so looking forward to seeing the inside of the Loki. It was all he could talk about until he heard about the damage to the O'Higgins. I guess that shook him a little, and then followed up by news that someone in his family is ill. Poor man."

October 6, 1928

Loki has set off to return to her regular routes. The other returning heroes on the O'Higgins should arrive in the next several days. The crew will also receive a hero's welcome, and the ship will be placed in a drydock for a refit and repair. The crew of the Queen Emeraldas will also be praised for the bravery they had in this situation.

October 11, 1928

Though the loss of the pirates has been trying on Capitan Chavez, reporters at the naval year have found that he is pleased that his ship will be repaired and refitted. "Unlike the Esmeralda, O'Higgins has just earned a refit through an act of renown," says Chavez. "It will only keep her in the fleet maybe another 10 or 15 years, but to me and my crew, that is worth the action against Harlock."

October 14, 1928

With news of the troubles in the Philippines and the cruiser O'Higgins out of commission for some time, it is with great relief that the Navy finally puts the Armored Cruiser Capitan Tylor into the waters of Talcahuano. Mr. Oyama was there to watch this vessel enter the Chilean Navy's service. "Its an irresponsible ship for irresponsible times" he was heard to have said.

November 13, 1928

Atlantis build light cruiser Atacama returned from her trials yesterday and will enter full naval service tomorrow morning along with the Floatplane Cruiser Marina Guardia Hyatt. Both ships will be assigned to the Peruvian border area due to the recent disturbances along the Peruvian-Bolivian borders.

November 28, 1928

The Chilean Government has issued a contract to Atlantis to convert the light cruiser Mapuche into Chile's first aircraft carrier. While this will be a light carrier compared to most in the world, the Atlantean engineers assure the Chileans that with their experiance in carrier construction, this light carrier will be an excellent vessel.

December 4, 1928

Another raid of Chilean towns along the Bolivian border forcing a closure of the border. Chilean troops have been posted at checkpoints and the railway is closed. However, this reporter would point out that the railway was closed by the owning company since August anyway, so this does not distrupt commerse any more then it is already disrupted.

December 13, 1928

The Chilean Army has begun talks with Atlantis about purchasing several modern pieces of Armored Tanks. Little word about what models or how many would be purchased at this time, only that the Chilean Army is interested.

December 29, 1928

News has reached the Chilean Naval offices that their newest warship, the Almirante Gideon was finished a few days before Christmas. This vessel will be handed over to a Chilean crew for trials in the coming month. The old Capitan Prat steamed out with a civilian transports to deliver the new battleship's crew to their new home.


Tuesday, September 27th 2005, 4:14am


His staff said that he'd heard about a ailment in the family

Geez, and Captain Harlock just lost an eye. All these Chileans with medical issues...