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Saturday, September 27th 2003, 12:39pm

Morskoi Sbornik, 28 June 1921

Actions of fleet auxiliaries announced

Vladivostok - The seaplane carrier Almaz (3,270 metric tons, 4 seaplanes) and five Izyslav class destroyers raised steam and left, proceeding north. The destroyers unloaded their complement of depth charges the previous night, and were each seen with a quantity of coal secured in their place. Their destination was announced as the far-north port of Anadyr.

Murmansk - The Seaplane carrier Orlitsa (2,916 metric tons, 5 seaplanes) and the fleet oiler Betelgeuse (9,897 metric tons) left port, laying a course eastward, for an unannounced destination. An unusual detail was that Betelgeuse left with only half a load of oil, but a good deal of coal in bags was seen being loaded before she left.


Thursday, October 2nd 2003, 9:39pm

Anadyr Analyst 7/3/21

After arriving at Anadyr last night, the Seaplane Carrier Almaz coaled from the destroyers accompanying her, and then steamed to an unknown destination. The five destroyers were later seen steaming south, probably for the naval base at Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy.