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Friday, January 2nd 2004, 9:48pm

I had the same problem with converting MM Francesco Morosini into a carrier. 32,000t to 27,000t?

How? Take just about all the armour off and the guns add lots of misc. weight and reduce the draft of the ship to give you a fairly reasonable ship.


Friday, January 2nd 2004, 10:03pm

You can even bring down Hood's 42,000 tons down to 27,000 tons. Not much left on it though. :-)


Saturday, January 3rd 2004, 12:57am

Realistically you couldn't bring Hood's 42,000 tons down to 27,000, a hull as large as Hood's is just way to big. Also a range of 28,500 nm at 10 knots is a very unrealistic speed. The RN KGV class range was 15,600 nm at 10 knots and this was a 1937 design. A 1921/22 design would have a more dismal range.