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Monday, March 27th 2006, 3:59pm

Heh, commercial Antarctic battleships?


Monday, March 27th 2006, 4:07pm

I was thinking about that as well...
Spring* Rule Number 46:
Five easy ways to make your ship more expensive:
1) Increase speed
2) Place armament on the ship
3) Let Manzo sink it by crashing into it.


Monday, March 27th 2006, 5:38pm

26.000tons is huge. Is that a reasonable size for a whaling ship?


Monday, March 27th 2006, 5:47pm

Just using peng's idea.

this is a factory ship which is used to process the Whales and support the Whalers.


Monday, March 27th 2006, 6:40pm

July 8th

The Goverment fraud team investigating the troubles at whaling firm Stavanger Pelagic has decided to release the amount paid by the company for their 2 new whaling factory ships. The company paid nearly 220Million Krone for the 2 ships while the real value is much closer to 160Million Krone. The extra monies paid are not shown as being in the shipyards accounts, or even being entered, and have assumably been siphoned off by an individual for use for un known purposes.


Monday, March 27th 2006, 11:19pm


Maybe Harlock has a Nordish friend who diverted the funds? He's looking for a new BB after all...


Tuesday, March 28th 2006, 12:14am

Never know

Harlock could be Nordish. We don't really know where he is from other than probably germanic.


Wednesday, March 29th 2006, 6:38pm

August 8th

The Graf Zeppelin has arrived in karlskrona conveying the German Foreign Minister. Discussions are expected to start tomorrow.

August 9th

The king has started a series of meetings with the German Foreign Minister. It is thought that the talks are in relations to the possible formation of a Non-agression pact with Germany

August 12th

His Majesty King Carl Phillip has announced that Nordmark has signed a Non-agression pact with the German Goverment; he had this to say:


This new agreement with Germany, a nation which is only now emerging from the ravages of the Great War, marks another step in the process to achieve peace on the Baltic. I am pleased that our two nations, once enemies, are now united in a quest to make the Baltic region a peaceful and even more prosperous place.


Thursday, March 30th 2006, 9:49pm

August 15th

The Riksdag has today passed a bill giving new powers to the Governments financial officers to investigate companies that are in serious difficulties, in an attempt to track down the people who may be defrauding them. These new powers come in the wake of the of the the near collapse of Stavanger Pelagic and the defrauding of that company of nearly 60 Million krone.

The investigators have said that it seems that the money has already left Nordmark, but suspect it may have been taken by someone with connections to this country.


Sunday, April 2nd 2006, 5:17pm

August 25th

The Navies 4 Hai class troop ships have returned to Trondheim today. Aboard Hai are the First pilots of the fleet air arm to gain carrier experience with the RSAN. They will now recieve 2 months leave before joining the new carrier Gås in November.


Monday, April 17th 2006, 9:19pm

September 4th

Stavenger Pelagic has announced that it has at least temporarially recovered from it's financial difficulties, and is to begin trading normally immediately.
Government investigators have announced that they have been unable to trace the money that was illegally extracted from the company after it left Nordmark, though 2 members of administrative staff at the shipyard have been arrested.


Friday, April 21st 2006, 4:29pm

November 8th

The Navy has authorised the sale of 6 1915 class Destroyers. It has not yet been announced who has purchased the ships, but it is expected that it may be a Navy that has recently become resurgent.

November 18th

Today, the Riksdag has passed a bill authorising Naval expenditure for 1931. Included is the construction of a further 8 1930 type Frigate, 6 large Destoyers, and 2 Heavy Cruisers. Also announced is the intention to scrap many old light cruisers, and also 3 Aland Class CDS.

The Navy has also submitted proposals to the Government for the construction of 100 or more small escorts, stating that it is dangerously short of light ships which can substitute for destroyers on escort duties.


Thursday, April 27th 2006, 4:56pm

December 1st

In a long expect announcement, Nordmark-America line announced that construction work will start on a new liner in the new year. The Ship, which will enter service in 1935, will take over on the Atlantic circle route and is expected to be constructed in Trondheim.


Friday, May 5th 2006, 9:04pm

December 8th

Husquarna, has announced that it's aircraft arm Sopwith has produced the prototype of a new type of Torpedo bomber, the Sopwith kanariefågel (Canary). The plane has been offered to the Fleet air arm, but will be avaliable for purchase by other nations.
The plane is capable of 175mph or 280km/h. With 650Hp, can carry up to a 2000lb torpedo, and is armed with 2 .303 machine guns.