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Thursday, November 2nd 2006, 3:06am


Originally posted by Desertfox
Peru definetly needs more Destroyers. For CBs I would go with another Lima giving you a battleline of 2 Limas and Huascar all with 12" guns. As for the Cruisers I would recomend a paitr of Ankaras and one of your design only a tad (1,000tons) bigger as a fleet flagship. Have you considered a Brooklyn or Mogami layout for her? Or maybe an Agami or Utah?

I think the desertfox pretty much has stated the possible outcome of the Peruvian Navy well into the 1930's. Destroyers will be the main priority during the 1933-34 timeframe plus the "new" armored cruiser needs to be rebuild and that will take at least until 1934. Them it will be decision time, to build a sister for the Lima or replace the old cruisers with newer ones. He also stated the possible result of that construction, two ankaras(a proven design) plus a locally designed one to be the flagship of the cruiser force(to save face and for political considerations.)

The guns were designed like that on purpose. They are using obsolete ideas on their design in regard to firepower and while other more capable designs are around (the Ankaras serve the same purpose with less tonnage) it will be more of a political statement, a homegrown cruiser.


Thursday, November 2nd 2006, 10:06pm

Peru is welcome to order new Mendoza Class destroyers from Argentina.

If in the future she decides to buy cruisers Argentina has something on the drawing boards.


Thursday, November 2nd 2006, 11:05pm

So Chile's designing destroyers for Brazil and Argentina's designing destroyers for Peru? (admittedly I did the design for Brazil in jest, but it got accepted anyway...and money is money. Just means I have to be sure I can counter those 12 Chilean designed destroyers with 12 other Chilean desgined destroyers or some such thing.


Thursday, November 2nd 2006, 11:22pm

For the moment, I think Peru's happy with the destroyers it's having built in Germany (and soon will be building in Peru). But who knows what the future will bring.