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Thursday, November 9th 2006, 2:46am

Noticias desde Mexico (Q4/32)

Octubre 31, All Saints Eve, Guadalajara

"People of Guadalajara! We have not been beaten! In the name of the Saints rise and fight for your church! The hour of victory is at hand! (5 CR-20s with red crosses roar overhead) Hear the voice of the saints who have gone before you! Arise!"

Noviembre 2

Heavy street fighting has broken out in Guadalajara. Outnumbered federales have been forces to retreat. Reports indicate that most of the city has fallen to the rebels. Towns as far away as Puerto Vallarta have also fallen under rebel control. The Gunboat General Obregon has reported engaging a rebel battery outside Vallarta. Federal scouting planes have met with fierce resistance from rebel aircraft based in the city. These are reported to be similar to the P-6Es flown by the FAM. Federal forces are underway to crush this new uprising.


Friday, November 10th 2006, 9:16pm

Noviembre 10 (Hey! Its today!), War Conference Room, Mexico City

"The enemy holds strong positions in the city. The forts guarding Guadalajara where captured almost intact. Rebel forces are estimated at around 26,000 plus troops. Our scouts have meet heavy resistance from rebel fighters, and federal troops on the outskirts have reported bombing attacks by rebel aircraft. As to our forces we have about 10,000 troops in positions around the city, with some 20,000 more expected to arrive within a week."

"What are our options?"

"We should have enough forces in two weeks to attempt a deliberate attack on the city. However we can expect heavy casualties in the assault. Our second option is a siege. But we estimate the rebels have enough supplies to last for at least a year. Also we could expect heavy casualties among the civilians in the city, and that could turn foreign support against us."

"That we cannot have. We will have to attack them. So we have to find a way to minimize our casualties. How about a night assault? What do we have available?"

"We are looking into that possibility. We dont have any heavy artillery, but the navy offered several 105mm guns. We will have them in position by the 17th. We have 5 Tanks and 10 more will arrive by week's end. The navy has also offered us the use of their river boats, we will have 4 Heavy River Gun Boats in position. That is about all we can count on. This is our plan as of today..."

The young Air Force Captain sat listened to the briefing. The assault was going to be costly and there was a high chance that it would fail. The Air Force had done its own plan, perhaps they would finally listen to them...well it wouldnt hurt to try. He raised his hand.

"I have been listening with interest, but the plan doesnt have a chance of success. The rebels are too strong and to well fortified. Give us a chance and we will hand Guadalajara to you. Just give us a day and Guadalajara will be ours!" That got their attention.

"Did I hear you correctly? Did you say that the Air Force can capture Guadalajara in a day?"


"Hey quiet down! Let's listen to what this flyboy has to say! We need a joke once in a while!"


"Give us the chance, just one day and we will deliver Guadalajara. Here is our plan..."

The deliberation was heated but quick. Not many present really beleived the Captain, but then again he wasnt asking for much and as a diversion it might just help. Besides the rebel aim would be degraded as the rebels would be too busy laughing.

"We will give you your chance. The floor is now open to bets on the success of our great Air Force! The house gives 5 to 1 against!"


They were not taking them seriously. But they had gotten their chance. Now they had to prove before the eyes of the whole world that the FAM was a force to be reckoned with.


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Saturday, November 11th 2006, 12:14pm



Saturday, November 11th 2006, 1:11pm

Don't forget the FAM at Talons Over Cordoba can buy whatever they need at discount prices.

Perhaps they'll bomb the rebels with dead pigs and cattle to get them out of there?

Ot those big bangs in the desert are connected in some way...