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Sunday, September 18th 2005, 11:20am

MAS/VAS/MS and other small craft

Number in service;

285 as of 1934

Various types, including the following.

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Sunday, September 18th 2005, 11:25am

MAS da 38m

Number in service; c. 20

Relatively large design. Tumblehome hull gives poor performance in seaway. Discontinued in favour of lighter, faster vessels.

MAS da 38m
75 tons
1 x 100mm QF
2 x 20mm Oerlikon FFL
6 450mm torpedoes OR 1 Macchi M.18 and 4 450mm torpedoes
~35 kts


Sunday, September 18th 2005, 11:28am

Number in service; c. 40

Very small and fast design. Suitable only for coastal work.

MAS 431 (Baglietto fast type)
2-shaft Fiat petrol engines, 1500hp = 41knts
2 x 450mm torpedoes
2 x 6.5mm MG, 5 DCs
Crew = 7


Sunday, September 18th 2005, 11:32am


NUmber in service; c. 50

Larger and heavier anti-submarine patrol boats.

MAS(VAS) 397
L/B/D 21,20/4,24/1,60 m, 27,0 t., 2 Motors L 700, 1 Motor L25, 3 E.-Motoren
1.600 + 300 hp, 28 kn, 130 nm @ 18 kn, Builder : BAGLIETTO Varazze
Armament: 76 mm L30, 1 COLT 6,5 mm, 4 Torpedos, DCs


Friday, September 23rd 2005, 8:46pm


Number in service: MAS1000-1033

NB: Scale x2 from normal

Large, heavily armed and seaworthy design. Usually 450mm torpedoes are carried.

MAS(G) Typo 1000

Displacement: 75tons
Dimensions: 35m x 5m x 1.5m
Machinery: 4 x Isotta Fraschini Asso Petrol engines, 1150hp each = 4600hp = 40knts
Range: 500nm @ 40knts
Armament: 4 x torpedoes (600mm/533mm/450mm), 1 x 47mm/50 fore, 2 x 20mm aft, 6 DCs
Complement: 20
Other notes: C-tubes, 10mm armour plate around conning position


Tuesday, February 14th 2006, 3:57pm

Aliscafo (Hydrofoils)[/size]

Experimentale 75ton surface piercing

Intended armament is 1x47mm, 3x20mm Oerlikon FFL in single mounts. 2x533mm torpedoes are carried.

2x1150hp Isotta-Fraschini Asso engines. 2-shafts and 2 propellors. Speeds of up to 40knts have been attained. The craft is stable in head seas but comes off the foils with a following sea.

Experimentale AS-1 and AS-2 200ton surface piercing

Intended armament is 4x37mm, 4x25mm 4x600mm TT

1 Boiler 2 Geared Steam turbines 10,000shp on 2 shafts
1 Cruising turbine, 500shp 1 shaft
After trials throughout 1930 the lightweight turbines were found to be far too delicate, unreliable and incapable of producing enough power. Large problems were experienced when launching torpedoes at foilborne speed. The maximum speed was found to be about the same as that of the torpedoes. In addition the torpedoes had a prospensity to hit the foils on launching. As a result, the torpedoes were replaced in refit and relocated to the stern. AS - 1 was to launch the torpedoes over the stern, AS - 2 having a much more untested method which is still in experimental stages.

After trials throughout 1930 both ships were re-engined.
AS-1 received Isotta-Fraschini petrol engines, 16 linked to 2 shafts giving 18.400shp total.
AS-2 received Guidoni-Type Diesel engines, 4 linked to 2 shafts giving 20.000shp.
Trials with the new motors continue and it is undecided which shall be chosen for production.

Problems were encountered with launching torpedoes over the stern. They were found to be susceptible to the large wake created by the props which affected the gyroscopes.

AS - 2 after being refitted with Diesels and new torpedo launchers.

AS - 2 under high speed trials in Golfo di Taranto.


A development vessel built in late 1931. First fitted with armament. Less emphasis on performance after extensive trials with previous vessels. 4xGuidoni diesels give 16000shp which is equivalent to about 50knts maximum. Armament fitted is 1 quadruple 37/54, two single 25mm, 4x600mm torpedo tubes and 6x50kg DC on the stern. The torpedoes are in semi-fixed tubes facing forwards each side of the bridge. Max speed for launching is currently fixed at 35knts.

Three pre-production vessels laid down in 1933. Less extreme than previous types. More emphasis on reliability and strength. Straight foils are easier to construct and maintain. 2xFiat-Guidoni Diesels gives 10,000shp for 45-50knts sustained. Twin funnels/intakes aft. More enclosed bridge structure. 1x100/47 mounted forwards. 2xtwin 25mm amidships. 4x450S aft.


Thursday, April 20th 2006, 11:30am

MAS 501

MAS 501 - 581

17 x 4.4 x 1.25
2-shaft Isotta-Fraschini Motors, 2.300ps
44knts maximum speed
Range 400nm @ 42knts
2 x 450mm torpedoes
1 x 25mm Breda-Marden Cannon
2 x 6.5mm mg


Friday, August 18th 2006, 6:35pm

Mas 701

MAS 701 - 741

MAS 751 - 790 modified type

Large aluminium hulled type.


Displacement 58t standard, 61.6t normal, 68.5t full load
Dimensions 32.0m x 5.95m x 1.32m
Engines 4xIsotta Fraschini Asso 1000, 4x1150hp
Speed 38kts projected, 34-36kts real
Range 750nm/30kts - 1,800nm/15kts
Fuel 10t normal, 16t full load
Crew 16
Armament 4x 450mm torpedoes, 4x25mm Breda-Marden 1x 6.5mm MG, 12x 50kg ASW bombs

MAS 751, 4x450mm torpedoes, 2 x 37/54, 2 x 25/77

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Sunday, September 10th 2006, 8:51pm


Barchino Typ. Crocco x 30
Displacement 1200 Kg
Length 6.15 meters
Beam: 1.70 meters
Draught 0.45meters
Propulsion: 6-cylinder Alfa Romeo 3.500 cc 95 H.P.
Speed 43 knots
Range 85 miles @ 35 knots
Armament 330 Kg mine
Crew 1

MTSMA x 30
Displacement 3.71 t.
Length 8.8 meters
Beam: 2.32 meters
Drought 0.7 meters
Propulsion: 1 x Isotta-Fraschini Semi-Asso 250hp
Speed 36 knots
Range 200 miles @ 32 knots
Armament Q.ty 2x 450 mm torpedo
2 50 Kg. depth charges
Crew 2

SLC Maiale x 30
Length 6,70 meters
Width 533 mm
Max Depth -15 ~ -30 meters
Engine Electric motor 1.6 HP
Max 4,5 knots - operational 2,3 knots
Range 4 miles at maximum speed
75 miles at operational speed
Weapons Mark I: a 220 kg explosive charge
Crew 2

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Saturday, March 3rd 2007, 12:26pm

Number in Service: MAS901 - 911

A much larger design. A new and fuller hull form vastly improves seakeeping in addition to the larger size. 4 trainable 450mm TT are carried aft on the fantail. Other armament comrpises of a Breda 47mm forwards and two twin stabilised BredaMarden 25mm mountings aft.

MAS 900 type
Displacement 120tons
Dimensions 40.0m x 6.00m x 1.80m
Engines 2xFiat-Guidoni X1532 2x5000hp
Speed 40knts in a seaway
Range 800nm/35kts - 2000nm/15kts
Crew 22
Armament 4x 450mm torpedoes, 1x47 Breda, 4x25mm Breda-Marden 1x 6.5mm MG, 12x 50kg ASW bombs

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