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Monday, March 12th 2007, 2:56pm

Note from the sim report that the FiliTalwar is still planned for. But the specs are for you to reveal.

Agreed, the dakuu would be more capable without a superfiring aft gun, but the idea was to allow the gun to operate even if there were mines on the rails. 'Course, I have no idea if the gun blasts would be harmful to the mines at that distance or not...


Monday, March 12th 2007, 3:36pm


Don't ask me how to pronounce "Macchh" - we only have to read and write it.

...but is it a little or a Big Macchh?

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Tuesday, March 13th 2007, 1:36am

RE: ooh!


Originally posted by AdmKuznetsov
Love the destroyer. Very much like what will be coming from Russia post-Treaty.

Yep. Quite similar to a German DD design I have worked up for use if needed, though that design uses a German 128mm/45 gun and standard German 600mm torpedoes.