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Tuesday, March 27th 2007, 11:35am


I was going to request her in American MS-32 camo but the standard grey looks good for the period she was built.

Its peacetime so camoflage isn't needed. A nice overwhite will do nicely and probably enhane the looks a bit.


Tuesday, March 27th 2007, 1:56pm


Originally posted by HoOmAn
I think the originally turrets were just fine but the step down aft surely helps her overall appearance. But of course she´s have better sea boat capabilities with the higher freeboard aft....

That was the main reason I gave her a flush deck, though I must admit she looks quite nice with a lower quarterdeck as well.

RA, yes its peacetime, thats why I stated she looks good in the standard grey. I just thouight it would be nice to see her in MS-32, a scheme I've always been fond of.