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Friday, May 25th 2007, 5:21pm

Land Equipment

I need to acquire some tanks and trucks for my motorized formations. The order will be fairly large, since the army needs to update its equipment from WWI standards.


Friday, May 25th 2007, 5:45pm

Mexico can offer the 75mm Self Propelled Gun version of the Atlantean AT-27 MK I:

Note, pic of the standard version, not the 75mm Self Propelled version.
Crew: 4
Dimensions: length 17ft 6in, width 9ft 1.5in, height 7ft 11in
Weight: 10,600 kg
Engine: Napier-hall 8 cylinder air-cooled inline developing 100 hp
Performance: official speed-16 mph (25.6 km/h), Range 130 miles (192km)
Armament: one 75mm gun and two 7.62mm machine guns.
Armor: 25-6mm


Friday, May 25th 2007, 5:47pm

[Is the 75mm an AT or AP gun? I like that tank a lot, but I need something for anti-tank duties.]


Friday, May 25th 2007, 6:26pm

The 75mm is an AP gun, you dont need an 75mm AT gun right now. I can offer the 47mm AT Version of the AT-27 MK I, but that one might require Atlantean approval.


Friday, May 25th 2007, 8:12pm

Your southern neighbour, Argentina recently purchased a small number of the following for trials before a possible future order.

A fast tank with Christie suspension. Something between a BT series and a Crusader. 13tons weight with 4 man crew and a 47mm main gun. Pretty fast but mechanical reliability is questionable. Depends if you can be bothered to wait a few years until its more reliable. That'll be around 1936 with the replacement of the Christie suspension with simpler leaf springs.

A large armoured car that gives up very little to comparable tanks but is considerably cheaper and simpler to operate. And of course a lot faster.
Crew: 4
Engine: Isotta-Fraschini L1406 300hp
Weight: 12tons Length 5.90m Width: 2.60m Height 2.40m
Speed: 100km/h Power/Weight: 25hp/ton Range: 800km
Armament: 1x37mm, 2x6.5mm mg
Armour: 30mm-10mm


Friday, May 25th 2007, 10:03pm

I drew these recently as well because I needed a distraction. The M13/34 will eventually mature into this series with 75/34, 65/64 and 105/25 guns.


Friday, May 25th 2007, 11:38pm

In addition to the AT-27's Atlantis has the AT-32 to replace its elderly AT-17's.


Friday, May 25th 2007, 11:43pm

Chile would like some AT-32s to replace the many AT-17s lost during the war.


Saturday, May 26th 2007, 12:21am

Shouldn't be a problem. The AT-32's are armed with either 1 Aspis Arsenal 37mm MK IV or two 7.62mm machine guns.


Saturday, May 26th 2007, 1:11am

Chile would want a mixed batch to fill in holes in existing units.

Perhaps even create a new unit of each type as well.

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Saturday, May 26th 2007, 11:39am

Argentina can offer the T-1M31 Light Tank, a copy of the Vickers 6-ton with improved turret and diesel engine.

Specfication: 8.5 tonnes, one 88hp diesel, 22mph max speed, 110 miles range, 6-15mm armour, 37mm anti-tank gun firing HE and AP shells and one 7.92mm LMG, 3 crew


Wednesday, May 30th 2007, 1:10pm

I had another play around with things to make them more satisfactory. The two earliest types are larger, blockier and mount either a 47mm or a 75mm. The leaf spring suspension will probably make them easier to build and more reliable than the Christie-type M13/34.