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Tuesday, May 27th 2003, 11:55pm


Seeing as Hooman is also a big player in this SIm i would like to defer the first signature to the SAE as a sign of good will.

Sim mode off

Besides my showmanship skills are lacking and i'd like to see some sort of standard set as i have no clue on how to respond other that a signed name!


Wednesday, May 28th 2003, 5:51am

waht aboutthe tiemframe to avieve compliance? at the mom tht seems to be 1.1.21? Not doable. The Kingdom of Iberia would like 24 months for this - given all the cruisers we have to rearm ....




Wednesday, May 28th 2003, 11:41am

The Italian Government would also like to see a time limit set for compliance with the Treaty. 2 Armoured cruisers need either scrapping or rearming. We are unsure as to which course of action but probably the former.


Wednesday, May 28th 2003, 3:10pm

Please re-read 3 H V.


Wednesday, May 28th 2003, 3:40pm

Ok, done. Question of understanding: given that at the moment I am way over quota in category a cruisers (nearly all my light cruisers have 17cm guns), I want to rearm most of them in order to comply. A year should be ok for that. The question is simply that I see no provision for that kind of thing in the Treaty and I do not want to end up in a position where I have to scrap nearly all my cruisers.




Wednesday, May 28th 2003, 4:37pm


thank you Pengolodh. my armoured cruisers mount 10" guns you see so rearming them with 8.25" guns for a couple of years until my Zaras are built makes good sense.


Friday, May 30th 2003, 3:36pm

Is it time to sign or what?


In the spirit of international cooperation, the Indian delegation offers to be the first signatory of the Cleito Treaty. Let us conclude these discussions with a formalized treaty at the earliest possibility.

[Player note: guys, let's get this thing signed and underway. Just tell me what the date of signature is supposed to be, and I'll wax eloquent.]


Friday, May 30th 2003, 4:07pm


Well, it says in the treaty:


August 12 1920-December 6, 1920.
Treaty Between the Empire of Atlantis, the United States of America, the British Empire, The Russian Federation, The South-African Empire, Iberia, Japan, Italy, The United Kingdom Nordmark, The United Netherlands Kingdom, The Republic of France, The Australian Commonwealth and Greece, Signed at Washington, December 6, 1920.

So the day that we sign it is Monday, December 6 in the year 1920. And the location we sign it is Washin.... What ?!? Washington ?!? Aren't we supposed to sign it in Cleito ?!


edit: and shouldn't India be in the group as well ??


Friday, May 30th 2003, 4:24pm

Sign the blessed thing

Both Russian and French delegations are trimming their quill pens and warming up the sealing wax...


Friday, May 30th 2003, 7:08pm

  • Corrected remaining references to Washington, to read Cleito.
  • Inserted India in the listings of countries.
  • Changed 30,000 tons to 33,000 tons with attendant metric adjustments in referencing the two carriers of Atlantis. (3.B.III)
  • Changed the paragraph giving some allowances for Greece's situation in cruisers, to also include Iberia. (3.C.VIII)

I have the distinct feeling that I several times have been told the names of the Indian delegation, but I seem to still ahve managed to loose them again.


Friday, May 30th 2003, 7:20pm

Indian delegation

The members who matter are:

Minister of Defence V. K. Chandra

Admiral of the Navy Sanjay Das

and, if necessary: His Highness the Raj, Rajiv Canagasundrum, Lord and Sovereign of All India, King of Assam and Hyderabad, Ruler of the Great Delta, Prince of the Maldives and Chagos, Protector of the Andamans

...though Minister Chandra is the senior person at Cleito and will be the one signing on India's behalf.


Tuesday, June 3rd 2003, 3:43pm

Hey Red Admiral

A little further up the thread you had concerns about re-arming your armored cruisers. I was curious if you had considered leaving them as is. Although they'd be classified as capital ships because of their guns, your treaty allowance is sufficient to allow the two of them plus existing battleships and also a couple of new-builds. And it's not that long until you can legally replace them as capital ships. Why not save the resources for some new construction?

Just curious...



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Tuesday, June 3rd 2003, 4:01pm

rebuilding ACs

I have to admit, that´s not too bad an idea, Red Admiral. You should consider not to rebuild those older hulls...


Tuesday, June 3rd 2003, 5:48pm

well yes

thanks for the pointers but i already have 9 capital ships. 4 Regina elena predreads, Dante alighieri, 2 Conte de cavour,2 caio duilio.
2 predreads are to be scrapped upon 2 Francesco Caracciolo vessels entering survice.
1 Predreadnought and Dante Alighieri will be scrapped under part 3 chap A article VI in exchange for 2 new vessels. Both are pre 1911. The new BBs will be the largest in the world.
The remaining predread will be 20 years old in 1921. She will also be replaced by a new ship sometime.

Back to my cruisers. San Marco will become a test bed for my new cruisers. her 10" guns will be removed and replaced by duple 8.25" turrets. It is hoped that massive improvments to RoF can be made with time.
San Giorgio will become the testbed for duple 6" turrets.

I think that the gains to my cruisers in 5+years time will be greater than the reasources needed to convert them.


Wednesday, June 4th 2003, 3:57am


So who will volunteer to be the first to sign the treaty?
I'm afraid my writing skills are at a loss as to how to present the signature of the Atlantian delegation. Is it to be the rock doctor first?




Wednesday, June 4th 2003, 4:12am

looks like i will go

Sir John Black minister for the Royal Australian navy takes a pen out of his pocket and signs the treaty in to law for the commonwealth of Australian. and been the first to do so


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Wednesday, June 4th 2003, 2:45pm

The SAE delegation signs the Cleito Treaty

Leader of the SAE-delegation is

Vice-Admiral (retired) Graaf Gerrit van de Haartlijners, K.D.T., Lord Administrator of the Navy and Commissary Extraordinary for Naval Affairs (72 years old)

who will sign the treaty as well as

Hertog Hubertus Magnacartus (52), Minister for Foreign Affairs


Heer Henrijk Raaskaal (57), Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Kingdom of Atlantis.



Wednesday, June 4th 2003, 2:52pm

The Count of Riva, very glad that he got the 170 mm amendment for Iberai at the last second dips his glass pen into his inkwell and signs with a flourish.