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Thursday, June 24th 2004, 9:24am

Dresden, 22.06.05

Hi there!

I wonder if the news of what happened in Dresden two days ago have spread all over the globe or if only the Germans and the British (to some degree) were interested?

So have you heard of what happened and what do you think about it?




Thursday, June 24th 2004, 2:43pm

you lost me. Are you talking about this?…,304559,00.html


Keeper of the Sacred Block Coefficient

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Thursday, June 24th 2004, 3:06pm


No, LA, that´s not what I meant.

I´m talking about the Frauenkirche in Dresden.

German sources:…hbi/cn/GoArtPic!204455,204493,752155/SH/0/depot/0/…n~Scontent.html

Dutch source:…84486/sc=30ddbe

English sources:,3367,14…268_1_A,00.html…_49/ai_56459767

Looks like it didn´t make it throughout the world if you haven´t heard of it.




Thursday, June 24th 2004, 3:52pm

brilliant! No I didn't hear anything over here. Thanks for mentioning it.


Thursday, June 24th 2004, 4:56pm

No it wasn't mentioned at all in England, and I watch/listen to the news far too much.


Thursday, June 24th 2004, 8:38pm

First I've heard of it too.
Why is it that the bad stories spread like wild-fire,
when the good ones only ever exist as local news?


Thursday, June 24th 2004, 10:31pm

Sensationalism sells, thats why I take all the global news with a grain of salt, and keep tabs on the political forums. This news clip didn't hit the news in Canada but it is very interesting indeed.


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Friday, June 25th 2004, 9:11am

So silence everywhere else...

It´s sad to hear those news didn´t make it into foreign news or at least not in detail.

I thought they would because Dresden is a name known to be related to unnecessary tragedy and there is an intense discussion among historians world wide if those bombing raids were of any use.

Now the Germans rebuild that church with the help of the British - and it can and will be a symbol of peace and friendship between our countries in these days. It reminds all of us not to let such cruelty happen again.

That´s good news, a good message and that´s why I thought it would spread....

It´s no good news to hear it has not. :o(




Sunday, June 27th 2004, 2:40pm

Well, I haven't heard or read anything about it, but my mom said she saw something about it on TV. Wouldn't surprise me if it were on one of the German chanels. So I guess there might have been something on the TV, but apparently not enough about it has been on the TV.