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Sunday, October 14th 2007, 11:07pm

Houkokusho Taisho 22 Nen 6 Getsu 30 Nichi

Hopefully no errors...

Japan's Naval Developments - Q2/1935

A. Industrial Allocation

27/27 factories producing warship material = 27,000 t. 11,815 tons stockpiled materials available. 1840 tons from Argentina. Total materials available: 40,655 t. 29,820 t are used. 10,835 t materials stockpiled.

0/27 factories are dedicated to producing infrastructure material, = 0x 0.1 = 0.0 points.

B. Infrastructure Development


C. Naval Construction

Kure Navy Yard, Kure (Honshu)
Slip V-1A => BB Okuni receives 2505 tons.
Slip I-1A => idle.
Slip I-1B => idle.
Dock V-1A => BB Inahime receives 2505 tons.

Yokosuka Navy Yard, Yokosuka (Honshu)
Slip V-2A => BB Nene receives 2505 tons.
Slip I-2A => idle.
Slip I-2B => idle.
Dock 0-2A => idle.

Kawasaki Co, Kobe (Honshu)
Slip V-3A => idle.
Slip II-3A => idle.
Slip I-3A => idle.
Dock II-3A => idle.
Free-floating: BC Ginchiyo receives 2340 tons.

Mitsubushi Co, Nagasaki (Kyushu)
Slip V-4A => idle.
Slip II-4A => idle.
Slip I-4A => idle.
Dock II-4A => idle.
Free-floating: BC Nouhime receives 2340 tons.

Fukuoka Navy Yard, Fukuoka (Kyushu)
Slip III-5A => CB Kongo receives 2001 tons.
Slip II-5A => idle.
Slip I-5A => idle.
Dock IV-5A => idle.
Free-floating: CL Naka receives 1143 tons. Completed 6/25/1935.
Free-floating: BC Oichi receives 2340 tons.

Hakodate Navy Yard, Hakodate (Hokkaido)
Slip III-6A => CB Haruna receives 2001 tons.
Slip II-6A => idle.
Slip I-6A => idle.
Free-floating: CL Jintsu receives 1143 tons. Completed 6/25/1935.

Aomori Navy Yard, Aomori (Honshu)
Slip III-7A => idle.
Slip I-7A => idle.
Dock I-7A => idle.
Free-floating: MABdG Independencia receives 1800 tons.

Kagoshima Navy Yard, Kagoshima (Kyushu)
Slip III-8A => idle.
Slip I-8A => idle.
Dock I-8A => idle.
Slip 0-8A => idle
Slip 0-8B => idle
Dock 0-8A => idle
Free-floating: MABdG Guardabosques receives 1800 tons.

Wakayama Navy Yard, Wakayama (Honshu)
Slip III-9A => CB Hiei receives 2001 tons.
Slip I-9A => idle.
Dock I-9A => idle.
Free-floating: CL Atena Gurourii receives 1395 tons.

Tokushima Navy Yard, Tokushima (Shikoku)
Slip III-10A => CB Kirishima receives 2001 tons.
Slip I-10A => idle.
Dock I-10A => idle.

Niigata Navy Yard, Niigata (Honshu)
Slip I-11A => idle.
Slip I-11B => idle.
Dock III-11A => idle.

Niihama Navy Yard, Niihama (Shikoku)
Slip I-12A => idle.
Slip I-12B => idle.
Dock III-12A => idle.

D. Transactions
1840t received from Argentina.

E. Other Notes
Naka and Jintsu (Naka class CL) starting shakedown cruises.

New units laid down this quarter:



F. Updated Order of Battle, 6/30/35

Note: X(Y)+Z = completed (under repair/refit) + under construction

Limited warships:
Battleships: 9(0)+3
Battlecruisers: 0(0)+3
Aircraft Carriers: 6(0)+0
Large Cruisers: 0(0)+4
Heavy Cruisers: 9(0)+0
Light Cruisers: 40(0)+1
Destroyer Leader: 18(0)+0
Destroyers class 1: 15(0)+0
Destroyers class 2: 74(0)+0
Submarines: 296(0)+0
Coast Defense Vessels: 12(0)+0
Training carrier: 1(0)+0
Training Cruisers: 3(0)+0

Non-limited ships
Destroyers class 3: 223(0)+0
Gunboats: 46(0)+0
Minelayers: 27(0)+0
Minesweepers: 18(0)+0
Submarine Chasers class 1: 30(0)+0
Submarine Chasers class 2: 42(0)+0
Corvettes: 30(0)+0
Patrol boats: 111(0)+0
MPV: 9(0)+0
CCB: 10(0)+0
MTB: 115(0)+0

Ammunition ships: 3(0)+0
Oilers: 9(0)+0
Cargo ships: 31(0)+0
Transport ships: 16(0)+0
Tenders: 7(0)+0
Repair ships: 5(0)+0
Netlayer and target towing vessel: 4(0)+0
Naval Tugs: 12(0)+0

Exploration ships: 2(0)+0
Museum ships: 4(0)+0

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Sunday, October 14th 2007, 11:10pm

Pacifica's Naval Developments - Q2/1935

A. Industrial Allocation

0/1 factories producing warship material = 0 t. 0 tons stockpiled materials available. 0 t are used, 0 tons materials stockpiled.

1/1 factories are dedicated to producing infrastructure material = 0.1 pts.

B. Infrastructure Development
0.1 points are transferred to COSINE

C. Naval Construction

Agana (Guam)
D1A: idle
D1B: idle
D0: idle

D. Transactions

E. Other Notes

New units laid down this quarter:

F. Updated Order of Battle, 6/30/35

Note: X(Y)+Z = completed (under repair/refit) + under construction

Armored Cruiser: 1(0)+0
Light Cruiser: 2(0)+0
Destroyers: 3(0)+0
TPB/DDE: 2(0)+0

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Monday, October 15th 2007, 1:23am

...and Formosa's report?


Monday, October 15th 2007, 2:13am

I think Formosa's now part of China, but I might be wrong.


Monday, October 15th 2007, 3:10am

Bah, I mean Chosan.


Saturday, October 20th 2007, 12:28am

Salaam is supposed to be running Chosen...but I don't think we've heard anything from her since her flying wing proposal...


Saturday, October 20th 2007, 2:39am

I'd say thats because she quit.