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Tuesday, March 11th 2008, 6:08pm

Junkers Ju-152

I looked into the Ju-252 as a replacement for the Ju-52 for the Luftwaffe, but it's not really the right tool for the job: years into the future (because of changes to the spec from Luft Hansa), pressurized (because it was originally a passenger plane), and faster than necessary. The Ju-352 is really more along the lines of what I'm looking for, but it's even more years into the future (because it's a descendent of the Ju-252), uses engines unlikely to be in production too much longer (the Bramo-323), and has a rear loading ramp (unnecessary at least for the initial versions of this aircraft). So&.. a possible transport for the Luftwaffe.

Aircraft Type or Name:

Junkers Ju-152

General Type:
Airplane = 1
Airship = 2
Orbiter = 3

Year of First Flight: 1939


Carrier or Rough Field
Conventional Fuselage

A twin-engined transport for the Luftwaffe. When operating as a paratroop transport, 4200 pounds of the payload are considered to be the 21 paratroops themselves, leaving 6600 pounds for their equipment and supplies.


Weight (maximum) 44,000 lbs
Weight (empty) 26,811 lbs

Length 72 ft
Wingspan 111 ft
Wing Area 2,050 sq ft
Sweep 2 degrees

Engines 2
Junkers Jumo 208D

1,592 hp
at 12,000 ft

Crew 3

Typical cost $0.137 million in 1939
Total number procured 2000


Top Speed 198 kts = 228 mph
at 12,000 ft
Mach N/A

Operational Ceiling 21,500 ft

Range 1,200 nm = 1,382 miles
with 9,989 lbs payload
10,813 lbs released at halfway point

Climb 597 fpm

Cruise 150 kts = 173 mph
at 12,000 ft

Corner Speed 132 KIAS =
158 kts at 12,000 ft
Mach N/A
Turning Rate 18.3 deg/sec
Radius 1,676 ft

Internal Data:

Intake / Fan Diameter 11 ft

Bypass Ratio 100

Engine Weight 1800 lbs
Overall Efficiency 27 percent

Structural Factor 0.90

Number of Wings 1
Number of Fuselages 1

Limiting Airspeed 275 kts
Wing Ultimate g Load 4.00 g
Wing Taper 0.2
Wing Thickness at Root 3.5 ft

Tail / Canard Factor 0.4

Number of Nacelles 2
Length 9 ft
Diameter 4.5 ft
Fullness 0.35

Fuselage Diameter 8 ft
Fuselage Fullness 0.6

Pressurized Volume 0 percent
Cargo Decks 1

Cleanness 77 percent
Unstreamlined section 6.5 sq ft

User equipment 1,050 lbs


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Tuesday, March 11th 2008, 8:07pm

Is there a metric version of plane builder btw?


Tuesday, March 11th 2008, 8:15pm

Not that I'm aware of.