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Monday, July 26th 2004, 7:18pm

A request from The Danish Crown to the Kingdom Of Belgium

The Danish Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium, His Excellency, The Rt.Hon Peder Georg Bang, respectfully requests of the Government of Kingdom of Belgium, that the Royal Family be permited travel across Belgium by train for the purpose of visiting the crew of the stricken vessel, K.D.M. Copenhagen.


Monday, July 26th 2004, 8:12pm

Erm no one is actually playing as Belgium at the moment... until Benelux maybe appears.


Monday, July 26th 2004, 8:22pm

We can probably assume they're going to say yes. Although it'd be interesting if they didn't.


Monday, July 26th 2004, 8:43pm

I was hoping that RAM would step up to bat on this one, as he has plans for Benelux!

Otherwise, I would assume that there would be no problems due to good relations between Denmark and Belgium!


Sunday, August 1st 2004, 4:39pm

No doubt, I'm here. But you already know why did I not say anything before :D

Speaking on behalf of the Belgium Government (I'm taking a role which is not mine, even if in the future it MAY be... but just for the sake of it ;)) and the King:

The King of Belgium, as well as the Government will be honored not only to accept the request, but invite the Danish Royal Family to attend a reception and dinner to be held at the Royal Palace of Brussels.

Please confirm assistance and the exact dates of the visit to our ambassador in Copenhage.


Sunday, August 1st 2004, 4:51pm

I started reading from down, upwards and now I see that the Danish Royal Family is already at Toulon...

It may be a bit late,however we can script something if the offer was accepted, who knows ;).

And anyway, the Royal Family must return to Denmark somehow...maybe again through belgium?


Sunday, August 1st 2004, 7:57pm

His Majesty, Christian X, King of Denmark would be honoured to accept the invitation of the King of Belguim, but current circumstances will not permit such a visit. His Majesty hopes that this will not cause offence, and in return wishes to invite the Belgian Royal Family to visit with him in Copenhagen in the near future.