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Saturday, May 31st 2008, 8:42am

Anyone planning to use these aircraft types?

I am thinking of having a GW-Shahbaz project for an indigenous fighterso I am wondering if any of these aircraft is planned by the player they are from

VEF I-16, Caudron C.714 and SAI 203/403


Saturday, May 31st 2008, 9:24am

The Fiat CR.36 started off being similar to the SAI 207/403 but has gradually diverged. The light fighter concept won't be visited again.


Saturday, May 31st 2008, 9:26am

France being a player nation I'd assume historical aircraft would continue as historical and Agent is supposed to be taking over France eventually. As for the VEF I-16 and SAI 203/403 I'm not sure what aircraft these are (more specifics, links?).


Saturday, May 31st 2008, 9:26am

So the Dardo is open, perhaps with Italian aid?

VEF I-16

Ambrosini SAI 207/403

Seems I gave the wrong designation

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Sunday, June 1st 2008, 5:15am

Swampy (as Siam) was using the VEF aircraft.