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Sunday, June 1st 2008, 7:44pm


Anybody mind if I run them? I have a bit of spare time to tool up a small program. I was thinking a squadron of MTBs, a few fisheries-protection sloops, a symbolic flagship, and some minesweepers...


Sunday, June 1st 2008, 7:49pm

Don't forget a few floating mobile bombs which they can use to blow up RN ships. :)


Sunday, June 1st 2008, 8:25pm

Oh yes. There will also be a floating brewery and pub vessel, LE Guinness, which will sail around being the Irish goodwill ambassador! :D


Sunday, June 1st 2008, 8:39pm

Wouldn't that be the symbolic flagship?? :D


Sunday, June 1st 2008, 8:51pm


Originally posted by Rooijen10
Wouldn't that be the symbolic flagship?? :D

Well, it'll definitely carry a flag, and it'll be symbolic... of, yanno, premier Irish exports...


Sunday, June 1st 2008, 9:25pm

Large flashy signs on the sides... The smoke stacks shaped like bottles...


Sunday, June 1st 2008, 9:31pm

ah but will it carry Park Royal or Dublin water?


Sunday, June 1st 2008, 9:32pm


Originally posted by Earl822
ah but will it carry Park Royal or Dublin water?

It'll carry everything! :P


Sunday, June 1st 2008, 9:56pm

A long time ago in a board far far away, there was a battleship by the name of HIMS Guinness. Now THAT was a ship! Anyone else remmeber it?


Monday, June 2nd 2008, 1:13am

I do.

The results of " error in drill" were especially entertaining.

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Monday, June 2nd 2008, 2:26am

Does the lack of protest mean that I can start conquering the world one pub at a time?


Monday, June 2nd 2008, 3:47am

I don't think you'll be able to build much but sure go ahead.


Monday, June 2nd 2008, 8:33pm

Don't underestimate the Irish, Wes.

"All your pub are belong to us." :)


Monday, June 2nd 2008, 9:18pm

Gentlemen, you forget.....

[SIZE=3]God created alcohol to stop the Irish taking over the world!![/SIZE]


Tuesday, June 3rd 2008, 2:22am

The bloody bastard! Problem is just about everyone is part Irish here in North America so it didn't seem to work as effectivily as the big guy wanted it too!