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Saturday, June 7th 2008, 8:36pm

How long to next Q?

So when can we expect next quarter to start?


Saturday, June 7th 2008, 8:48pm

RE: How long to next Q?


Originally posted by Vukovlad
So when can we expect next quarter to start?

Give me a few days, I need to hear back from a few people, and I have some news to post

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Saturday, June 7th 2008, 8:52pm

News from South America is still in Q4/35.

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Saturday, June 7th 2008, 9:14pm

I am waiting on a bit of info, but should get through most of Q1 posts next week. So I would like to wait until the end of next week.


Saturday, June 7th 2008, 9:25pm

Uhm... 24 days? We'll be starting the third quarter of 2008 then. :D