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Friday, July 10th 2009, 5:17pm

Peruvian ships completed by Q1 1937

here is a list I got from my old records as ships were paid off and ready for duty or in trials by March 1937. After that it gets fuzzy due to Howard not following my construction plan. I know must likely Brock, Wes and CG got this info but I think it could help.

Ships joining fleet since my last report on Q2 1936;

DD Tumbes Q1 1937
DD Tacna Q4 1936
DD Trujillo Q1 1937
DM- 1 to 3 Q1 1937
SS SC-4 Q4 1936
SS SC-5 Q1 1937

Also let me know if I should go into the encyclopedia and change some of the info. I think some of the ships I got scheduled for being laid down never enter the slips.


Friday, July 10th 2009, 5:25pm

Thank you for the info!

If you could send us the building program you had shedualed perhaps that may be good enough.


Friday, July 10th 2009, 5:46pm

I hope info helps.

I only got it as far as the end of 1937 but it was pretty much to get three more Capitan Valdes and one more Independencia DL to create another uniform destroyer squadron plus three more of the smaller DD to create two uniform small destroyers squadrons. I got two more subs on the pipeline for that year but more were planned for 1938.

Capitan Aguierre , Peruvian Destroyer laid down 1936
Capitan Carvajal Peruvian Destroyer laid down 1936
Teniente Rivera PeruvianDestroyer laid down 1937
DD Puno laid down 1937
DD Iquitos laid down 1937
DD Arequipa laid down 1937
Libertad : laid down 1936
SC-6 laid down 1937
SC-7 laid down 1937


Friday, July 10th 2009, 5:49pm

Should prove usefull for sure, thanks again.


Friday, July 10th 2009, 6:34pm

the ships I listed above were counting the 1000 tons from Bolivia and the other deals like the purchases made to India. Without the money coming from Bolivia and the deals for the ex-Indian ships in place IMO the ships projected for 1937 got pushed back while either the Libertad or one of the larger destroyers got laid down but not all the ships projected for 1936 OR all the 1936 ships went to the slips but construction is behind schedule due to funds.

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Friday, July 10th 2009, 6:53pm

Posted at best of my recollections the way the ships were going to fit by that time. The only change is the addition of the CLAA purchased by Howard. IMO makes sense for Peru to team this CLAA with the other former Indian ship. Just use as a guide and feel free to make changes as the events unfold.


Friday, July 10th 2009, 8:03pm

Can we get some names for those CLAAs and DDEs that Howard purchased? "PCL-1" and "PCL-2" just sound... kinda... robotic to me.


Friday, July 10th 2009, 8:11pm

I called the first cruiser the Almirante Guise in the report I posted in the Peruvian encyclopedia. Look for another historical name not in use for example. In regard to the destroyers maybe use rivers or mountains.

what about the destroyers are:

DE Apurimac
DE Rimac
DE Gamarra

What about calling the second cruiser the Admirante Tucker?

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Friday, July 10th 2009, 8:17pm

What about Apurimac and Rimac? Two historical Peruvian sailing frigates...


Friday, July 10th 2009, 8:18pm


Originally posted by Brockpaine
What about Apurimac and Rimac? Two historical Peruvian sailing frigates...

You're too fast for me. :D


Friday, July 10th 2009, 8:30pm

Okay, then: unless anyone has any objections, I'm going to tentatively refer to the cruisers as Almirante Guise and Almirante Tucker, while the destroyers will be referred to as Apurimac, Rimac, and Gamarra.

Any opposed?


Friday, July 10th 2009, 9:35pm

Seems ok to me though Tucker just seems like a non-latin sounding name.


Friday, July 10th 2009, 9:45pm


Originally posted by thesmilingassassin
Seems ok to me though Tucker just seems like a non-latin sounding name.

An ex-Confederate naval officer than IOTL was the CNO of the Peruvian Navy in the 1866 War with Spain. IIRC we stated that war also occured in WW but on a larger scale as a reason to explain the hate of the Latin American nations for Iberia.

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Friday, July 10th 2009, 9:48pm

Yup. A lot like "Cochrane" isn't a Chilean and Spanish name, but the Chileans named a battlewagon after him! :P


Wednesday, July 29th 2009, 3:03pm

Edited the info in the Peruvian encyclopedia to show the names for the ships delivered by India.