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Sunday, December 27th 2009, 11:51pm


Did any of You seen Anime "Zipang"?
I recently seen it and the show let me hanging.
It ended were it started to get interesting and unpredictable.

I took interest in after reading a comment about it being the only show were a real life naval power was pictured without it being devoured by a giant robot or a monster.
After seeing couple of episodes and got hooked.

The basic plot is a "Final Countdown" reversed.
However the American movie with Kirk Douglas was about whether enter the war and curb stomp the Japanese from the start or not. Zipang was about how to prevent the loss of life on both sides.

So did any of You seen it? If Yes do You have any comments?


Sunday, December 27th 2009, 11:57pm

Well, I thought it was quite good and I even used some Zipang screenshots for the news a while back. :)

There is a Manga serie of it which goes on after the point where the Anime stops (which is the case with a number of Anime series) and so far I managed to find one book of it somewhere which I downloaded.


Monday, December 28th 2009, 12:01am


Monday, December 28th 2009, 1:29am

I wonder when someone will make a fansub for Deep Blue Fleet...

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Monday, December 28th 2009, 1:41am

I helped Fansub the series before it got a DVD release. It's good, but has a couple of odd errors in it, but mostly errors that only stick out for Naval-nerds like us. :P

There's a French translation of the Manga floating around somewhere, but not English, unfortunately.


Monday, December 28th 2009, 1:46am

For Zipang or DBF?


Monday, December 28th 2009, 2:02am

For Zipang or DBF? Either is nice.

As long as its in Latin or Cyrillic alphabets I can read it.
Do You have a link?


Tuesday, January 5th 2010, 5:18pm

yea I'm looking for drafts and drawings bad or good.
I wanted to drew a few Like Peru China will be interested I guess :D If I find some I'll draw it in the sumer.