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Originally posted by ALVAMA
Thanks Brock!
It'l be greatfully to have those write-ups!

Looked back at the relevant posts and it looks a lot more ugly than I expected. When reviewing this write-up, keep in mind that the Peruvians were almost always outnumbered - usually no less than 3:2, and often much, much higher. In each case, though, the Peruvians fought with ferocity and skill, and it was mainly numbers which resulted in their defeats.

Additionally, there exists some disparity in the experience of the Allies. The Colombians and Atlanteans rather disliked fighting the Boulton-Paul Defiants, which caused a number of casualties. The Chileans, on the other hand, claimed a very high kill ratio versus the Defiants, instead losing most of their aircraft to Hurricanes and ground fire.

Peruvian losses are attributed to three large engagements:
- Arica-Tacna
- The Lima Raid
- Iquitos-Indiana

During the Air Battle of Arica and Tacna, the Chileans and Peruvians faced off with the following forces:


1 Grupo
- 32 Accrisius F-12 Aves
- 16 Spartan F-9 Storm
- 32 Sp-21M Vanquish II
2 Grupo (reinforcements)
- 32 Accrisius F-12 Aves
- 32 Sp-21M Vanquish II
4 Grupo (Black) (Armada fighters, third day, reinforcements)
- 18 FMA I-01N Buchons

- 34 Hawker Hurricanes
- 16 Defiant fighters
- 12 Stuka attack aircrafts
- 9 Fokker-Avia F.IXD
- 12 SM79
- 12 Bristol Beauforts
- 8 He-59 recon planes

The Battle of Arica-Tacna was a tactical victory for Chile, largely eliminating their opposition; but it was strategically indecisive in that the Chileans were so low on fuel at the end of the battle that they couldn't conduct further operations. Shortly afterwards, the commands around Tacna switched to the Congressional side and fell under the Cease Fire agreements, so no further operations were undertaken.

I never made absolute claims for kills and losses. The Chileans claimed no fewer than 12 Hurricanes and 9 Fokker F.IXDs - four of the former and all of the latter reportedly shot up on the ground. The Chileans additionally have four Hurricanes which crash-landed in somewhat intact shape in the Atacama; three of those are being repaired using parts from the fourth.


- 23/64 Accrisius F-12 Aves (at least 1 to flak)
- 16/16 Spartan F-9 Storm (most damaged on the ground and all written off at the end of the war)
- 5/64 Sp-21M Vanquish II (fighters and flak)
- 1/18 FMA I-01N Buchons (late arrivals to the fight)
- Total: 45 planes lost or written off

- 29/34 Hawker Hurricanes
- 12/16 Defiants
- 6/12 Stukas
- 9/9 Fokker-Avia F.IXD
- 2/12 SM79
- 4/12 Bristol Beauforts
- 6/8 He-59 recon planes
- Total: 68 planes lost or written off

During Operation Nightclub, the Chileans and Atlanteans raided Lima with the following forces:


[SIZE=3]Chile and Atlantis[/SIZE]
- 70 carrier aircraft (Chilean and Atlantean)
- 36 B-3 Vanguards (Chilean)

- 16 Cr-32 fighters
- 15 Viking Mk1 fighters
- 12 Ba-65 attack aircrafts
- 12 A-9 attack aircrafts
- 9 Fokker-Avia F.IXD
- 12 Dornier Do-215
- 24 SM79

Losses among the Peruvian fighters were probably high; they were attacked by fighters while in approach for refueling, and they're all rather old aircraft. Chile admitted the loss of five Vanguards. Nine carrier planes (both Atlantean and Chilean) were also admitted lost to dogfights and flak. Let's call the losses around:


- 4/16 Cr-32 fighters
- 10/15 Viking Mk1 fighters
- 1/12 Ba-65 attack aircrafts
- 0/12 A-9 attack aircrafts
- 2/9 Fokker-Avia F.IXD
- 0/12 Dornier Do-215
- 0/24 SM79
- Total: 17 aircraft

High casualties among the Vikings due to their age - almost eight years old - and their complete unsuitability to fight I-01Ns and Spartan SP20-IIs. That air battle was probably more a turkey-shoot than a dogfight; most Allied losses were due to Peruvian flak.

Finally, in the Air Battle of Iquitos and Indiana, the Peruvians fielded:


- 18 Hurricanes
- 16 Cr-32s
- 36 Defiants
- 12 Ba-65s
- 12 Stukas
- 12 Dornier Do-215
- 8 He-70s

...versus some 1,200 Colombian and Atlantean aircraft of numerous types. The result is Not Pretty for the Peruvians; I'd presume at least 90% casualties among the above-listed aircraft. Probably...


- 16/18 Hurricanes
- 14/16 Cr-32s
- 32/36 Defiants
- 10/12 Ba-65s
- 10/12 Stukas
- 10/12 Dornier Do-215
- 7/8 He-70s

So, approximate Peruvian losses approach:
- 45 Hawker Hurricanes
- 44 Defiants
- 18 Cr-32s
- 10 Viking Mk1 fighters
- 16 Stukas
- 11 Fokker-Avia F.IXD
- 2 SM79
- 11 Ba-65s
- 10 Dornier Do-215
- 4 Bristol Beauforts
- 6 He-59 recon planes
- 7 He-70s
- Total: 184 aircraft out of 412 Peruvian aircraft.


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Thanks a lot!!!!!


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Originally posted by ALVAMA
Thanks a lot!!!!!

No problem.

A lot of the planes Peru lost were older - but the destruction of so many Hurricanes and Defiants is rather significant. If memory serves, Hood said Peru was ordering some of the Boulton-Paul P.94 Resistants that have gone to Ireland and Greece, correct?


Wednesday, February 17th 2010, 9:14pm

Yes I place a order for a few P.94 and Merlin-engined Hurricanes! And a Few Own-plans with the AEGIS suport


Wednesday, February 17th 2010, 9:30pm

Ahh, good. More orders for the P.94. *Rubs hands together.* Surprisingly good-looking little fighter - looks on par with the Spitfire and compares favorably to most anything currently in the air.

Might be a good time to replace the surviving but obsolescent aircraft like the Cr-32, P-24, A-9 attack planes, and the surviving Fokkers and Vikings (what few remain).

Edit: if Peru's replacing lost and aircraft with Do-217s, then I'd suggest replacing these:
- 27 Fokker-Avia F.IXD (both lost in combat and obsolete)
- 2 SM79 (lost in combat)
- 10 Dornier Do-215 (lost in combat)
- 4 Bristol Beauforts (lost in combat)


Friday, February 19th 2010, 3:24pm

The Beauforts were a special job as Howard insisted on Jumo engines for his Peruvian and Siamese orders.

Bristol wouldn't offer more of the Jumo Beauforts but could provide standard RAF Mk.Is. I'd even consider a financial deal if the last Jumo models are traded-in for new Mk.I bombers.
Dimensions; 57.10/ 44.7/ 12.5/ 503 sq ft; 2x 1,050hp Bristol Taurus I; max speed 254mph; range 975 miles and service ceiling 16,500ft.

I've a Mk.II coming along for late 1939 if Peru wants to wait a bit.

As the Tornado/ Typhoon begin to enter serivce in large numbers then larger ex RAF Hurricanes will become avaialble during 1939.

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