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Monday, July 2nd 2012, 2:52pm

Bharati Withdrawal

25 June 1942

Kailas Menon, Bharati representative to the League of Nations, rises to present a short statement:

"Ladies and Gentlemen of the League,

"The Government of the Empire of Bharat has undertaken an extensive review of its international and global affairs policy since the accession of Narasimha I Canangasundrum to the throne.

"Bharat has come to determine that the composition and nature of the League Council is fundamentally flawed. Permanent membership on the Council, with its attendent power, is awarded to those states which engage in the most excessive military spending, rather than through an equitable and balanced formula that would consider population, overall economic power, and regional balance. On this basis, I am instructed to report that Bharat shall resign its non-permanent postion on the Council effective 1 July 1942.

"Bharat's new foreign policy direction places a strong emphasis on strengthening economic, diplomatic, and military ties with specific long-time friends, through bilateral or multilateral processes as are appropriate. The Empire renounces any real or hypothesized territorial claims outside its current borders. It takes the position that it shall not interfere in the internal matters of other states, nor interfere in the matters between other states, excepting where formal arrangements with one or more of said states shall require it, or where all parties in such matters specifically and voluntarily request it.

"In accordance with these principles, I am instructed to report that Bharat shall cease to recognize any real or hypothesized jurisdiction of the League over Bharati citizens, assets, territories, waters, and air space, effective 1 July 1942. League offices in Bharat shall be required to terminate their operations as of that date, and subsequently relocate their personnel, assets, and equipment from Bharat in an expeditious manner.

"Finally, I am instructed to report that Bharat resigns its membership in the League effective 1 July 1942. Subsequent to that date, the Bharati mission to the league, including myself and others, shall be temporarily attached to Bharati embassy to [OOC: Whatever country hosts the League...] until it is subsequently withdrawn to Bharat.

"Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen."

OOC: Neither Persia nor Hedjaz indicate any change to their involvement in the League.

Kaiser Kirk

Lightbringer and former European Imperialist

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Monday, July 2nd 2012, 8:59pm

June 26th
The Netherlands (pop ~80m) Delegate issued this statement : It is perhaps unfortunate, that given Bahrat's history of signing treaties, using them to their advantage, and withdrawing from them, that the Empire of Bharat's perhaps legitimate points may be lost. Despite the possible flaws in the fabric of the League, the Netherlands believes it has great merit and potential, and will continue to be engaged in advancing this forum for discussion amongst concerned parties, and the advancement of international laws that apply equally to all.

The Belgian (~8.5m) Delegate issued this statement : We view the choice of the Empire of Bharat to withdraw from the league as most unfortunate.

The Kongo (~16m) Delegate issued this statement : We view this choice by the Empire of Bharat as most unfortunate, they have long stood by league decisions and represent a significant proportion of the globe's population. To loose this voice from the common discussion can only be characterized as a loss for all.

The Luxembourg Delegate issues this :...

The Saudi delegate from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs issues this statement : Bharat, after masquerading as enforcer for the League of Nations, and rending our Kingdom asunder, has finally exhausted paths to engorge their nation behind a legal facade. We urge our fellow members to keep a watchful eye on the Empire.


Thursday, July 26th 2012, 4:48pm

26. June

The news of the withdrawal of Bharat from the League struck in Beijing as a bomb and immediately led to a heated debate in the Chinese parliament.

"You can see it clearly yet. The Bharati government has hit the nail on the head ! Who are the permanent members of the League of Nations ?? Only countries with a huge military budget, while the population of a country does not matter. We Chinese are least well over 400 million people, a significant proportion of world population. Are we a permanent member ? NO !!! On what grounds ? I therefore call to our government to also think about a withdrawal !!!" .... says a member of the Chinese parliament in an interview.