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Tuesday, August 25th 2009, 10:26pm

Ships for Sale

For sale by Italy:
Cruiser Quarto [old, poor condition, end of use as trials ship]
Minelayer Bari [old, hull strained]

For sale by Australia: - confirm still for sale?
3x J-class submarines

For sale by Mexico: - confirm still for sale?
- 6x Tucker class DDs
- 6x Sampson class DDs
- 21x 1915 class DDs (some refitted)
- 6x 1920 class DDs

For sale by the Philippines:
- Light cruisers Panay, Palawan, Benguet, and Leyte.
- 8x Balintawak class destroyer escorts

For sale by Nordmark:
- 31x T31-class ASW trawlers
- Drottningholm 1908/1922 and Stavangerfjord 1908/1922 landing support ships
- 12x 25-class 1925 (DD), destroyers with 110mm guns
- 8x TB-1 type 1925 torpedo boats
- 10x S-class 1927 subs
- 8x TB-9 type 1929 TBs

For sale by SAE:
- 3x Santa Fe class CLs
- 10x S34 torpedo boats
- 31x UJ30 class anti-submarine launches

For sale by Persia:
- CL Babr, Shir
- DD Agas, Ahriman (Bharati destroyer collectors, take note!)
- TB Tehran, Baluchistan

For sale by Yugoslavia:
- 4x Hrabrost class torpedo boats

Please post to the SHIPS ON MARKET thread for sale or sold announcements.


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Wednesday, July 3rd 2013, 12:30am

Do we need this any longer?


Wednesday, July 3rd 2013, 1:00am

The Dagupans have been long-scrapped, so they can be struck from the list.

Edit: The Benguet and the Balintawaks remain for sale at the moment, but they are scheduled for scrapping if no buyers come forth.

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Wednesday, July 3rd 2013, 1:05am

If the Bari was not sold, she is planed to be scraped. No idea what I will do with Quatro. I note that nether of the ships were listed as sold in the ency, so if they were, please contact me ASAP with details.
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Wednesday, July 3rd 2013, 1:30am

The list needs to be updated, but it ought to stay.


Wednesday, July 3rd 2013, 1:48am

We have this thread, and two stickies. I'm not in favor of deleting anything, but the two stickies, at least, seem redundant.


Wednesday, July 3rd 2013, 1:52am

One thread is for people to post what's for sale and discuss it. The other thread is to provide a single post where people can look in order to find out what's for sale, without having to sort through a forty-page thread.


Wednesday, July 3rd 2013, 2:01am

I'd say maintaining a list in the first post of whatever discussion thread is going on should be more than adequate, rather than requiring a separate topic.