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Thursday, July 4th 2013, 7:02pm

Hostilities on the Korean Peninsula

23th May 1943, Pyongyang, Ministry of Defence, conference room no. 1

Jong Un: "Lee-Moon, what does this mean, there is something going on. I have NBID intelligence reports on my desk which report increased troop movements in all northeastern China.
This morning I got a dispatch directly from the 1st Army reporting chinese troops patrolling the border aggressively."

Hwang Lee-Moon (minister of defence): "Yes, my leader, I know the reports and the little trusted information they contain is everything we know at the moment. Most probably the activities we observe are just prearrangements for field exercises. Though, I have to admit that the scale of the chinese preparation procedures seems to be quite massive."

Jong Un: "We have to increase our efforts to gain informations about their intent. Furthermore we should strengthen our bordersecurity.
I want more planes in the air and our submarines should keep monitoring chinese movements at the sea. We should not let them suprise us."

Hwang Lee-Moon: "As you wish, my leader. But I would strongly recommend to avoid any acts of provocation. We can not afford a confrontation in the near future."


Thursday, July 4th 2013, 7:03pm

28th May 1943, Thaechon, Army District North headquarters, General Cho Hyang-Soons bureau.

General Cho Hyang-Soon: "The time is near, my son. Is everything ready?"

Colonel Jang Se-Hong: "Yes Sir, everything is set up. We have chinese uniforms, chinese rifles, a few machine pistols, two machine guns and serveral other equipment as well as two trucks with ammo."

General Cho Hyang-Soon: "Excellent. And your men? Are they ready for this?"

Colonel Jang Se-Hong: "They are Sir, they are 48 of the bravest and most loyal men I had the opportunity to serve with, they are determined to fight and they are proud to serve as the spearhead for our cause. I have no doubt they will follow towards death, if necessary."

General Cho Hyang-Soon: "Well, very well. And you? What about you? Are you ready? I mean there will be no truning back after we have started the operation and their will be only two possible outcomes: Either we will be victorious and cheered as heroes or we will be excecuted for high treason."

Colonel Jang Se-Hong: "I know Sir. But I am ready. We lived long enough in shame and misery. I made my decision: victory or death!"

General Cho Hyang-Soon: "I wish everyone in the forces had your spirit. But the army, the people and the leadership, they are all infected, they are weak, craven and corrupt. So we have to take the future of Chosen in our own hands and cure the desease. All of my life I longed for this moment."

Colonel Jang Se-Hong: "Yes, sir. But I have concerns about our plan. I mean... I know we do the right thing but the way we do it....isn't there an alternative? I mean in the end they are brothers, they are korean people."

General Cho Hyang-Soon: "I can understand your concerns, but you have to be confident when the moment comes. I worked out the plan myself and I have thought out everything. I wish there was an alternative but there is none. We have to sacrifice a few fellow people for the sake of Chosens glory. You know the details. When the operation starts I will send you an encrypted message. You have to act swift and clean. The ammo-depot ist manned by 10 to 15 conscripts who should not be a problem. Additionally there are about 60 civilians around the village. You have to kill everybody, leave no witnesses. Leave some chinese uniformed bodies behind and destroy the ammo depot. It has to look like a chinese raid.
Don't disappoint me.

Colonel Jang Se-Hong: "I won't, sir.

General Cho Hyang-Soon: "Well then, we wont see us untill after the operation, so I wish you good luck. I will send you the message when the time has come.


Thursday, July 4th 2013, 7:04pm

30th May 1943

Three additional Rifle-Divisions have been transfered via Rail to the proximity of the Chosen-Chinese north western border for "unschedueled field maneuvers".


Thursday, July 4th 2013, 7:05pm


2nd June 1943


From: NBID-Cell 655, LOCSTAT: classified

To: NBID C&C, Division F

Unusual movement around the Shanghai Naval Base has been perceived. Increased traffic of supplies and troops since last week. Departure of large taskforce is imminent.


Thursday, July 4th 2013, 7:06pm


3rd June 1943


From: NBID-Cell 876, LOCSTAT: classified

To: NBID C&C, Division F

Significant military presence at the Dalian harbor district. Warships departed Dalian harbor this night. Increased airtraffic in the Dalian area.


Thursday, July 4th 2013, 7:06pm


3rd June 1943


From: NBID-Cell 423, LOCSTAT: classified

To: NBID C&C, Division F

Military railroad transports passing Shenyang since yesterday, heading south.


Thursday, July 4th 2013, 7:07pm


3rd June 1943


From: NBID-Cell 409, LOCSTAT: classified

To: NBID C&C, Division F

Military convoys sighted on the Beijing-Shenyang-Highway. 29th National Armoured Division and 5th National Infantry Division identified.


Thursday, July 4th 2013, 7:08pm

Contact Report

4th June 1943


From: CS-9, LOCSTAT: 35°55' N 123°49' E

To: Submarine Command

Visual on chinese Task Force, heading south south east, approx. 25 kts. Prince-Class heavy cruiser plus four screens identified.


Thursday, July 4th 2013, 7:09pm


8th June 1943


From: NBID-Cell 202, LOCSTAT: classified

To: NBID C&C, Division F

Chinese army formations reported in Fencheng, Kunadian and Huanran. 37th NAID, 18th NCD, 3rd and 17th NID have been identified.


Thursday, July 4th 2013, 7:09pm

9th June 1943, Pyongyang, Headquarters of the Armed Forces of Chosen

Several Army Generals, Airforce Marshalls, Admirals, as well as the Minister of Defence, the Chief of the NBID and the Foreign Minister have been called to Pyongyang by Jong Un to take part in an emergency meeting concerning the latest events.

Jong Un: "Gentlemen, the situation is tense. The latest intelligence reports suggest that massive chinese army formations are forming up especially on the northwestern part of our border. While chinese officals claim this is part of a military excercise the sheer scale of the maneuver in the vicinity of our border is not only an audacious provocation but a serious threat. Moreover considerable chinese naval assets have been sighted in the yellow sea.
Until now I have taken limited measures of precaution but in regard of the most recent developments we have to think about an appropriate reaction to answer the chinese provocations."

Air Marshall Ryom Weon-Kee: "We should use the element of suprise and answer the chinese threat with as much force as possible and without any prior warning. With a determined preemptive strike we could disrupt their formations while they are still forming up. We could hit their forward airbases destroying their planes on the ground and buy some time by bombarding important harbors. If we gain air superiority I think our ground forces will be able to cut off Dairen and capture Shenyang within three weeks.

General Seo Eui-Kon: "With all due respect Marshall Weon-Kee but you seem to have some serious illusions regarding the abilities of our forces. While I have my doubts the Airforce would able to deliver a serious blow to the chinese I can only speak for the army forces really. Our ground forces are in a better shape than they were two years ago but I wouldn't expect them to be successfull against an enemy who has an overwhelmingly quantity of troops and equipment. We have neither the logistical capabilities nor the strength to conduct a large scale offensive. I am a man of the military and not a pacifist, but we have almost nothing to gain and too much to lose if we act injudicious. We could win a skirmish but the chinese would want to have their revenge, which means a full scale war. And there is certainly no way we could win a full scale war against the chinese, they would just outnumber and outprduce us."

Air Marshall Ryom Weon-Kee: Ahh, Eui-Kon, you are not worth to wear the uniform, you coward...!"

General Seo Eui-Kon: "This is outrageous! I will plug your dirty mouth you....."

Hwang Lee-Moon (minister of defence): "Gentlemen please, calm down!
But my great leader, I think they both have some valuable points. An armed conflict must be avoided at all costs, it should be considered as a last resort. We should use every diplomatic opportunity we have to solve this crisis. If we really have to fight we should make shure that the international community stands behind us and supports Chosen and that will not happen if we overreact and cast the first stone. Legally spoken, as long as they don't actually attack us they can do whatever they want on their side of the border. Therefore I would suggest that we don't send additional troops into the border-region to de-escalate the situation a bit."

Air Marshall Ryom Weon-Kee: "This would be lunacy. In case they attack us we should be as strong as possible. Furthermore...."



Thursday, July 4th 2013, 7:10pm

11th June 1943, Pyongyang, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Minister of foreign affairs Jung Ho-Jun gives an audience to selected national and international media concerning the latest crisis with china.

"The people of Chosen are fearless and I promise we will protect them from every aggressor who decides to harm the nation of Chosen. The people of the world should know that Chosen is a peace- and freedomloving country which is in danger to be victimized by Chinas panasiatic imperialism. Their so called "maneuvers" are unprovocted acts of aggression against a sovereign country. We want to live peaceful but we will never submit to chinese crusaders aiming to dominate the people of Chosen. I appeal to the people of all free nations in the world to condemn the chinese transgressions and to support Chosen in their struggle against the chinese devil worshippers.


Thursday, July 4th 2013, 7:11pm

14th June 1943


14-6-1943 12:23

from: General Cho Hyang-Soon

to: Colonel Jang Se-Hong

Green light for Operation Hwayaggo (powderkeg). Good luck.


Thursday, July 4th 2013, 7:12pm

14th June 1943, 23:48

incoming radio traffic

from: A Company/2nd Support Batallion/346th Heavy Artillery Regiment

to: 1st Army command

Sentries perceived gunshots coming from the Supung-Dong Ammo-Depot at around 22:50.
Heavy gunfire from the direction of the Supung-Dung Depot since 23:20. Enemy attack is likely. Sending out a patrol to investigate. Standby for further messages.


Thursday, July 4th 2013, 7:12pm

15th June 1943, 04:16, Pyongyang, Ministry of Defence, conference room no. 1

Jong Un: "Damn, Lee-Moon, what is so important that you have to wake me up in the middle of the night and let me come here."

Hwang Lee-Moon (minister of defence): "I appologize, my great leader, but we got some bad news from north western Chosen tonight. Please follow me in the conference room."

Hwang Lee-Moon was the first high ranking government member who received the disturbing news from the 1st Army command located in north western Chosen. Without losing any time he called for General Cho Hyang-Soon, General Seo Eui-Kon, Air Marshall Ryom Weon-Kee and the great leader Jong-Un himself to attend the emergency meeting he arranged within the rooms of the Ministry of Defence. When Jong-Un entered the conference room all generals already sat around the table. General Cho Hyang-Soon flicked calmly through some military documents while General Seo Eui-Kon was deeply sunken in his chair and watched sheepishly as Air Marshall Ryom Weon-Kee blustered:
"They did it. They finally did it. These sneaky bastards finally did it. We have to..."

Jong Un cut his Air Marshall off harshly: "What are you talking about. Who did finally what?"

Hwang Lee-Moon: "The Marshall refers to the unpleasant incident we have to talk about. Some two hours ago I received a telegram from the commander of the first army. He reported to me that a platoon sized Chinese infantry group raided one of our ammo-depots near the border tonight. They killed all eighteen guard posts, executed around 50 civilians living in a nearby settlement and destroyed the ammo depot with explosives. The chinese force was able to retreat before our reinforcements arrived but we found 3 dead chinese soldiers on the site."

Jong Un listened in pondering silence.... "Well....well...They really did it. Goddamn, that's bad. I didn't expect that, to be honest. I wouldn't have thought they would really risk it. But obviously they do. We have to act now, we can't just sit and complain about them being aggressive, we have to do something now, otherwise they will think they can play with us. But what can we do?"

Air Marshall Ryom Weon-Kee: "Sir, I suggest massive offensive maneuvers on all front sectors! We will smash through their frontlines like a hot knife through butter...."

Hwang Lee-Moon: "Excuse me, Marshall, but I think more violence is not the appropriate answer. We haven't investigated the incident yet and if they had planned an all out invasion they would probably have started it already. Though, everything is quiet, no reports of enemy activities from other sectors. Therefore we can assume the raid was an isolated case. Maybe a rogue unit or an overambitious chinese commander who acted without orders from Beijing. I don't say we should act as if nothing had happened, but we should take some time to investigate the incident thoroughly and then think of sanctions."

Jong Un: "Hmm, well...I think...I don't know...I am still so fuckin tired. It's too early. General Hyang-Soon what do you have to say?"

Cho Hyang-Soon: "Well, of course we can't take time and just do nothing like Mr. Lee-Moon suggested. The Chinese would think we are afraid of a confrontation and the next time they would push us harder around than before. No, the time for diplomacy is over now.
Anyway, I don't agree with Air Marshall Weon-Kee. If we answer with a full scale military operation we would lose the approval of the worlds public opinion. We would look like the aggressors if we just declare war on China and probably that's exactly what they tried to achieve with their operation.
No, unfortunatley we are more dependent on the support and approval of foreign countries than the Chinese are. At this moment we can't afford to act just violent, we have to be crafty, we have to aggravate the Chinese dragon with little pinpricks and then, if he gets furious and foolhardy we can chop his head off in pure selfdefense."

Jong Un: "That sounds very reasonable. So what do you have in mind concerning our reaction?"

Cho Hyang-Soon: "I already thought about that and thus made some plans...."

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Thursday, July 4th 2013, 7:13pm

15th June 1943, "Voice of Chosen - Special Announcement" radio broadcast:


"This night a border town in north-western Chosen became the scene of a fierce battle between glorious Chosen servicemen and recreants of the Chinese army. An ammo-storage defended by a small number of brave Chosen Army soldiers was attacked by a very large Chinese force. After several hours, the heroic soldiers of Chosen had to retreat after inflicting hundreds of casualties amongst the attackers.
After being severely beaten on the field, the chinese vermins took their rage out on innocent civilians of a nearby village and killed all 3200 inhabitants.
Our revenge will be dreadful!"



Thursday, July 4th 2013, 7:14pm

16th June 1943

Order No. 3207

from: Central Army Command

to: Army District North

All regular combat units subordinated to Army District North are to be ordered to take up defensive positions along the Chinese-Chosen border. Enemy incursions are most likely to occur around Hekoucun, Uiju, Sinuiju and Dandong. Chinese troop concentrations have been reported around Fengcheng and Kundian.
While any offensive operations and violations of Chinese territory are prohibited until further notice, Chinese soldiers trespassing the border into Chosen are to be neutralized. Any act of Chinese aggression on Chosen soil has to be met with decisive and deadly force.

signed: General Cho Hyang-Soon


Thursday, July 4th 2013, 7:14pm

18th June 1943, Tonggrim, Tongrim Airfield, bureau of General Lee Gyong-Si

With a strange mix of curiousness and concern newly appointed commander of the hastily assembled 12th Airfleet, Airforce General Lee Gyong-Si opened the envelope the messenger just gave him...
Orders straight from Pyongjang. And he would be the man in charge of the operation.

Order No. 3221

from: Command of the Armed Forces of Chosen

to: Airforce General Lee Gyong-Si/ 12th Airfleet


Operation date: 22nd June 1943

Operation start: no later than 0500 local

participating friendly units: 28th Light Bomber Squadron (63x Ki-51), 34th Light Bomber Squadron (18x WAC-120, 39x Ki-51), Fighter Regiment 328 (32x SSC-70), Fighter Regiment 92 (28x WAC-190)

Operation goal: Harras and deny chinese sea and road traffic on the coastal area along the axis Donggang-Zhuanghe. Avoid friendly casulaties. FR 328 and FR 92 are to provide aircover should any chinese fighter planes operate in the AO. Avois enemy AAA strongpoints concentrated at strategic targets. Execution is left to commanders digression.


Thursday, July 4th 2013, 7:15pm

21st June 1943, Tonggrim, Tongrim Airfield, FR 92 briefing

Airforce Major Park Eui-Kon: "I know you are familiar with the plan and we have discussed everything in-depth during the last days. But tomorrow you guys will be in actual combat, this is no excercise with blank cartridges anymore and there will be no second tries. If you mess up, you will get killed, it's easy as that. I know we had not enough time to exercise ground attack....or exercise any kind os attacks at all...but just make sure to don't come in too fast or too slow. Keep the plane steady and fire small bursts, conserve your ammo so you can hit as many targets as possible. No spraying, gentlemen.

Should any Chinese plane be able to taxi and to take off, shoot it down before it gains speed and height. And I know, I said it a hundred times now but there is a low probability that we encounter airborne Chinese fighters.
Anyway, should that be the case avoid aerial combat and retreat. Those EW-205 and 207 are both quick as hell and can outclimb us easily, so just don't mess with them. Well, lets...."


Thursday, July 4th 2013, 7:17pm

22nd June, Combat Report FR 92

Flightplan FR 92, mission start: 0530

mission: groundattack on enemy airfield

target: Dandong airfield

friendly forces: 24x WAC-190

friendly casualties: 2x WIA, 4 planes with light damage, 2 Planes with moderate damage

enemy forces: approx. 1 Fighter Squadron on the ground + auxilary troops

enemy casualties: 18 planes destroyed on the ground and unknown number damaged, 3 AAA emplacements destroyed, 9 trucks destroyed, several buildings damaged

further notes: Friendly aircrafts were incoming from the south. Engaged parked planes with guns and 100 kg bombs with good effect. No enemy CAP. Moderate AAA defense around Dandong. 2 friendly pilots wounded by AAA shrapnells.

Parked chinese planes on fire...they didn't deemed it necessary to camouflage them and this is what they get for such negliegence.

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Thursday, July 4th 2013, 7:18pm

22nd June, combat report 12th Airfleet

Map of airraids conducted on 22nd June by elements of the 12th Airfleet:

12th Airfleet reporting:

Todays combat operations were a great success. All elements of the 12th Airfleet, some of them flying several sorties, inflicted serious casualties on the enemy. While the Chinese were not totally unprepared we still had an advantage due to the element of surprise. Pilots of the 12th Airfleet confirmed the following kills today: 18 planes destroyed on the ground, 56 Vehicles destroyed, 8 AAA emplacements destroyed, 3 fishing boats sunken, 1 tug boat sunken.
We achieved this success with minimal friendly casualties: 1 Ki-51 crashed due to mechanical failure (pilot and gunner KIA), 12 aircraft sustained light/moderate damage and 2 aircraft were damaged beyond repair in landing accidents. AAA concentration in the area of operations was rather weak, air activities were minimal.

uncensored combat footage:

Two Ki-51 (1st Wing/64th Light Bomber Regiment/28th Light Bomber Squadron) en route to their designated targets.

Enemy ship under machine gun fire (3rd Wing/68th Light Bomber Regiment/28th Light Bomber Squadron)

WAC-120 of the 34th Light Bomber Squadron engaging chinese road traffic on the coastal highway between Donggang and Zuahnghe.

Another enemy vehicle convoy is shredded by 30mm guns of Chosens most feared ground attack plane, the WAC-120.

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