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Thursday, May 15th 2003, 2:47pm

Saved thread - When will the treaty end?

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(5/1/03 12:38:34 pm)
When will the treaty end?
When do you guys think that the treaty will end? 1936?
And when do you reckon a war will break out. I'd give myself 2 or 3 years after the end of the treaty to complete some BBs that are more capable and some escort carriers.

This question doesn't make much sense now because the treaty has only just been established.

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(5/1/03 12:43:02 pm)
Re: When will the treaty end?
I guess it'll end if someone violates the treaty or at the end of 1936. Might be a nice gambling topic at Coldmere's cassino: How long will the treaty last and who will be the first to violate it.

And of course there is already a 'war'. (Yemen vs. India)


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King of Riva
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(5/1/03 12:58:33 pm)
Quoted from the Treaty, Part 1

The present Treaty shall remain in force until December 31st, 1936,
and in case none of the Contracting Powers shall have given notice
two years before that date of its intention to terminate the treaty,
it shall continue in force until the expiration of two years from the
date on which notice of termination shall be given by one of the
Contracting Powers, whereupon the Treaty shall terminate as regards
all the Contracting Powers. Such notice shall be communicated in
writing to the Government of Atlantis, which shall immediately
transmit a certified copy of the notification to the other Powers and
inform them of the date on which it was received. The notice shall
be deemed to have been given and shall take effect on that date. In
the event of notice of termination being given by the Government of
Atlantis, such notice shall be given to the diplomatic
representatives at Washington of the other Contracting Powers, and
the notice shall be deemed to have been given and shall take effect
on the date of the communication made to the said diplomatic

Within one year of the date on which a notice of termination by any
Power has taken effect, all the Contracting Powers shall meet in

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Posts: 19
(5/3/03 8:40:30 am)
I have no idea when a war will breal out, maybe not at all (after all our wargaming rules are nonexistent) but all depends on our diplomacy, does it not?*g* Oh and yes I am back online, thank the gods :-)



The Rock Doctor
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(5/3/03 7:44:46 pm)
Re: War
The India/Yemen situation is more of a...uh...criminal investigation gone awry than it is a war. But I appreciate the sentiment.

There's no reason a war couldn't take place during the treaty - it has provisions to that effect - even if we had problems playing it out.

If the question is, have we set a pre-determined time for a war, the answer's no. Though we've started the diplomacy, so we may see some further alliances shaping up.


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(5/3/03 8:55:58 pm)
wars without player wars
There will most certainly be wars not involving other players as most players will try and beef up their resorces and territory as well. Eventually two or more players WILL go to war over a disagreement and one by one others will be swayed into picking a side and join in.

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(5/4/03 2:43:51 am)
Re: wars without player wars
... or remain neutral.
I wonder how long we can keep the alternate reality war-free, and I wonder who (of the players) can remain neutral the longest.