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Saturday, May 17th 2014, 3:26am

Tech in Iberia, Bharat, Persia

By now you're aware that I don't have a lot of interest or knowledge in the aerial or ground tech aspects of the sim. I haven't posted designs or orders of battle or what-not. This isn't likely to change, unless specific issues impact ship design. But since I happen to be playing a neighbour, friend, and/or rival to some of you, I thought it might be prudent to present a few thoughts on Iberia, Bharat, and Persia.

From my perspective, Iberia is broadly on par with countries like France or Italy in terms of technological development. It has a viable arms industry capable of producing competing ideas to fill domestic requirements, though foreign orders remain possible. I'd peg research and development timetables ~0-6 months behind France or Italy for most routine stuff; possibly longer if the items are unique, possibly less if everybody and their uncle are also developing the stuff (because in that case, it's obviously not that difficult if everybody can do it).

Bharat is not at this level, not quite. Though the overall degree of industrialization is less, there's still a lot of brainpower amongst the 400 million or so Bharatis, so I'm thinking Bharat R&D is maybe ~12 months behind France/Italy in most cases. There is a viable armaments industry, but it is beginning to consolidate. Although foreign orders have not been common to date, I would expect there'd be some room for historically friendly powers to enter procurement processes. That trend will continue as domestic consolidation leaves fewer local competitors. As with Iberia, I reserve the right to jump on bandwagons if other powers in Bharat's weight class start fielding radically new stuff.

Persia, despite its three factories, is probably not very industrialized at all; I'm even informally capping their warship construction capabilities at destroyers. I don't expect much from the aeronautical field at all. At best, maybe they can produce licence copies of stuff, or some design some low-excitement trainer/transport types; anything else will be purchased and produced abroad. The land armaments industry is likely in the same condition - maybe basic cars, trucks, and rifles are produced. R&D is not happening at a meaningful level; more likely, the best and brightest are working for the big Bharati firms. Persia's version of jumping on bandwagons will be to nag their suppliers for a chance at buying the cool stuff.

In terms of collaborative projects for all three nations, I see no obvious reason to cut off existing collaborations with other countries. I do not, however, foresee sharing of any new cutting edge ideas with anybody who's not a formal ally. Not that I personally expect to introduce any cutting edge ideas in these areas.

Thoughts? Questions? Sound reasonable?


Saturday, May 17th 2014, 3:46am

Given Iberia’s overall industrial capacity compared to France and Italy, I think you are probably in the ballpark on this one; historically Spain was at a disadvantage in most categories, but there are few reason in my mind why that *cannot* be different. I wish there was more information on general Iberian industrial development to gage that by, but it was not an area that your predecessor fleshed out.

I find your assessment for Bharat refreshing, as your immediate predecessor was wont to push matters beyond what some might consider prudent. In the long-ago past Germany and Bharat worked in close collaboration on technical matters, but with the withdrawal of German support in 1939, was there much adverse impact? Or is that reflected in the lag you have already mentioned?

Your choices for Persia seem quite reasonable, though I would think it possible that license production of artillery is probably within the realm of feasibility – at least in some small numbers.


Saturday, May 17th 2014, 3:57am

I didn't have the sense there was a great deal of military R&D assistance from Germany prior to the cooling of relations. Back in the '20s, yes, but if there was more recent stuff between Perds and you or Hrolf, you'd probably have to fill me in.


Saturday, May 17th 2014, 4:02am

I didn't have the sense there was a great deal of military R&D assistance from Germany prior to the cooling of relations. Back in the '20s, yes, but if there was more recent stuff between Perds and you or Hrolf, you'd probably have to fill me in.

The impression I had in my limited conversations with Perds on the subject suggested that he had worked out a number of deals with Hrolf - for which there was no evidence that I could find. Perds was always dancing around the subject and never was forthcoming on specifics. He departed shortly thereafter and the matter was left uncertain - hence my question. Without access to PMs from Perds and Hrolf I cannot answer the question. I suppose we have to leave it at that.


Saturday, May 17th 2014, 4:09am

Best to keep it simple and assume not much actually went ahead, then.


Saturday, May 17th 2014, 4:17am

Best to keep it simple and assume not much actually went ahead, then.

If you are satisfied on that point, I'm cool with it. BTW, would you be interested in some background material on Spanish industrial firms of the period?


Saturday, May 17th 2014, 4:21am

If you happen to have some handy, I could copy it into the encyclopedia, but I won't ask you to go to any trouble for it.


Saturday, May 17th 2014, 4:31am

RE: Tech in Iberia, Bharat, Persia

Thoughts? Questions? Sound reasonable?

Generally, sounds reasonable. I'd have probably pegged Iberia and Italy in similar brackets, with France somewhere above them, but lagging Britain and Germany. (I feel I'm solidly #3 in Europe at the moment.) But overall I think your assessment is reasonable.

Just as an aside, if you ever feel the need, I'd be willing to help you polish up the Iberian Army. My comments to Logi about the state of the Danish Army are equally applicable for Iberia, since I designed them for Mac at almost the same time. Given the state of Europe at present, they probably could bear some broad-strokes updates to account for the relative peacefulness of the continent.


Saturday, May 17th 2014, 10:02am

Sounds reasonable to me too and these seem pretty sensible assessments.