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Thursday, September 1st 2016, 5:40pm

Chinese Automotive and Vehicle Manufacturing Companies

Repository for data pertaining to the subject.


Thursday, September 1st 2016, 5:44pm

Zhong Hua Ltd.

The Import & Export company Hua Brothers Ltd. was founded in 1924 by brothers Zhong Hua and Jia Hua. Imports were mainly vehicles of the Tatra company. With the economic success the company rapidly expanded. To minimize the cost of imports, a new plant near Beijing was founded in the same year and a few years later first vehicles rolled off the assembly line. With the death of Jia Hua - Zhong Hua took over the sole management and the company was renamed in Zhong Hua Ltd. Today Zhong Hua builds among other motorcycles and since 1936 trucks for the chinese market.

The enterprise’s factories include:

Zhong Hua Ltd. , Shenyang (motorcycles)
Zhong Hua Ltd. , Beijing (light vehicles)
Zhong Hua Ltd. , Nanjing (armored command car)


Friday, September 2nd 2016, 12:42pm

Etsong Automobile Co.

This firm was originally founded at Qingdao (Tsingtao) in 1919 as a car-workshop by Xuji Jian. After a short time the company already composed several branches around Qingdao and Xu Jian acquired an additional chassis building company. First, the company was focused to the supplier business for other automotive companies in the Chinese Empire; but soon Etsong Automobile designed and built its own passenger cars, but these vehicles hardly found sales on the Chinese market. After this economical calamity the company decided to discontinue the development of own passenger cars and instead accept license production of other manufacturers. The company recovered financially and with the construction of trucks for the civilian market soon Etsong reached its old capacity.

The company is presently engaged in manufacture of commercial motor vehicles of its own design as well as executing contracts from the Army Armaments Office for the construction of military lorries of the Tung Meng 38 and Tung Meng 84 type under license.

The company's factories include:

Etsong Automobile Co. , Qingdao (heavy trucks)


Tuesday, September 6th 2016, 9:01am

Sinotruck Ltd.

The company was founded in 1916 as Dowa Chassis Company Yimou & Co. at Hsingking (Changchun). In addition to repair and chassis work services of existing vehicles, the young company soon began to develop special vehicles of all types. That made an extension of the existing factory site necessary and so a new plant in Jilin was built. To ensure a utilization of the new production facility, Dowa applied for the construction of ambulances for military use, and finally won the contract. With the purchase of several suppliers, Dowa was converted into a corporation in 1928. Furthermore, the company specialized in the construction of heavy duty trucks for the civil and military market, establishing a reputation for quality and reliability.End of 1934 the Dowa Company employed nearly 3500 workers and the premises had grown to a total of 14 hectares, the company area was covered with 16 low-rise and 7 multi-storey buildings.On 18th of July 1943 Dowa Chassis Company was renamed in "Sinotruk Ltd." simultaneously the employment figures reached historically high levels.

It was one of the firms selected by the Army Armaments Office to undertake the manufacture of heavy cargo lorries for the chinese army, and also it became involved in the manufacture of special vehicles and their components.

Subsidiary companies of the firm include:

Sinotruck Ltd. , Hsingking (special vehicles)
Sinotruck Ltd. , Jilin (heavy trucks)


Thursday, September 8th 2016, 5:41pm

Tung Meng Ltd.

Tung Meng Ltd. is a huge mechanical and automotive engineering group, which has its headquarter at Jinan. The Group's portfolio now includes locomotives, armaments (like tanks, aircrafts and aircraft engines) and commercial vehicles (trucks, buses and tractors).

Liao Zhongkai founded, together with his son, the blacksmith and sculptor Liao Chengzhi,in 1836 the foundry Liao & Son in Jinan. They began with the production of steam engines. Liao Chengzhis brother Liao Tung, partner in the company since 1848, build a new plant in Laiwu in the year 1858. After the death of the founder Liao Zhongkai in 1860, the company experienced a strong upswing under the leadership of Zhongkais son Liao Meng. Liao Meng concentrated the production on the rapidly increasing demand of the chinese railways. 1878 the company was renamed in Tung Meng and was transformed into a limited liability company. At the end of the 19th century Tung Meng Ltd. was grown to China's largest locomotive works. Zibo Steelworks were integrated in 1905 and the Engineering Works Weifang followed in 1909. When in the mid-1920s, the slump in the global economy was foreseeable, Tung Meng decided the foundation of another line of business, to be no longer mainly dependent on the production of locomotives. So the decision was made, to enter into the already rapidly expanding field of the production of commercial vehicles. In 1927 the production of trucks and bus chassis was started and furthermore, with the Shanghai Tractor Company an own company for the construction of tractors was established. In the early 1930s followed the cooperation with the asia branch of the Gothia Works, a exclusively on armament specialized company. In addition to the production of tractors and other tracked vehicles of various sizes; Gothia Works built also tanks in its plants around Shanghai. 1935 sold Gothia Works Ltd. its complete road vehicle-line of business to Tung Meng Ltd. The vehicles were produced till 1940 under the brand of the new founded East Wind Industries Limited (E.W.I.L.) Group. From 1945 the vehicles were built under the brand of the mother company.

Subsidiary companies of the firm include:

Tung Meng Ltd. , Parent Plant, Jinan (engines, general engineering)
Tung Meng Ltd. , Motor works, Jinan (motor vehicles)
Tung Meng Ltd. , Works Laiwu (Locomotives, general engineering)
Tung Meng Ltd. , Works Shanghai (tanks, military equipment, motor vehicles)

Shanghai Tractor Company, Shanghai (tractors)
Zibo Steelworks (iron and steel)
Wuhan Iron & Steel (iron and steel)
Engineering Works Weifang (general engineering)


Friday, August 25th 2017, 11:09am

Liaoning SG Automotive Group Co. Ltd

Liaoning SG Automotive Group Co. Ltd., is a chinese manufacturer of buses and trolleybuses. They distribute their vehicles under the brand name Dandong. The Headquarter of the company is located in the city of Hankow.
At the end of the 19th century, the Liaoning company began operating in Hankow as an ironworks and iron processing company. Soon the demand for vehicles to transport people for the rapidly growing Chinese economy was recognized by the leadership of the company. By 1913, the company focused mainly on constructing cars and due to increased sales during the great war it made giant profits. In 1927, Liaoning Ltd. had won an internal chinese tender and it was this year that large scale production could begin by delivering 60 shuttle buses. With the takeover of the board by Pang Qingnian, the company specialized exclusively in the production of buses and trolleybuses. In August 1929, after the move to the new factory buildings, production did not begin under the best conditions of production, but in any case with the help of modern tools and machines. With increasing sales, the company gradually built additional production sites in Jinan, Tai'an, Lianyungang and Quzhou and some other places to meet the high number of orders.

Subsidiary companies of the firm include:

Liaoning Ltd., Parent Plant, Hankow (engines, chassis)
Liaoning Ltd., Motor works, Hankow (buses, trolleybuses)
Liaoning Ltd., Works Jinan (buses)
Liaoning Ltd., Works Tai'an (engineering)
Liaoning Ltd., Works Lianyungang (motor vehicles)
Liaoning Ltd., Works Quzhou (general engineering)