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Tuesday, August 29th 2017, 12:40am

Olympische Sommerspiele 1948

(I’ve broken out my planning thoughts for the upcoming games here – feel free to comment)

Using the historical 1948 games as a guide, there are some 135 separate events for which medals will be awarded. Not all results will be detailed in the eventual news thread for the games, but I will do my best to provide an adequate accounting of who won what.

The events are:

Men’s Division

Men's 3-meter Springboard
Men's 10-meter Platform
Men's 100-meter Freestyle
Men's 400-meter Freestyle
Men's 1500-meter Freestyle
Men's 100-meter Backstroke
Men's 200-meter Breaststroke
Men's 4x200-meter Freestyle Relay
Men's Water Polo
Men's 100-meter Run
Men's 200-meter Run
Men's 400-meter Run
Men's 800-meter Run
Men's 1500-meter Run
Men's 5000-meter Run
Men's 10000-meter Run
Men's 110-meter Hurdles
Men's 400-meter Hurdles
Men's 3000-meter Steeplechase
Men's 4x100 meter Relay
Men's Marathon
Men's 10-kilometer Walk
Men's 50-kilometer Walk
Men's Long Jump
Men's Triple Jump
Men's High Jump
Men's Pole Vault
Men's Shot Put
Men's Discus Throw
Men's Javelin Throw
Men's Hammer Throw
Men's Decathlon
Flyweight Boxing
Bantamweight Boxing
Featherweight Boxing
Lightweight Boxing
Welterweight Boxing
Middleweight Boxing
Light-Heavyweight Boxing
Heavyweight Boxing
Men's C1 1000-meter Canoe
Men's C1 10000-meter Canoe
Men's C2-1000-meter Canoe
Men's C2-10000-meter Canoe
Men's K1 1000-meter Kayak
Men's K1 10000-meter Kayak
Men's K2 1000-meter Kayak
Men's K2 10000-meter Kayak
Individual road race
Team road race
Team Pursuit Cycling
Sprint Cycling
Tandem Cycling
1000-meter Time Trial
Individual Dressage
Individual Jumping
Individual Eventing
Team Dressage
Team Jumping
Team Eventing
Men's Individual Epee
Men's Team Epee
Men's Individual Foil
Men's Team Foil
Men's Individual Sabre
Men's Team Sabre
Field Hockey
Football (Soccer)
Men's All Round Individual Gymnastics
Men's All Round Team Gymnastics
Men's Floor Exercises
Men's Horizontal Bars
Men's Parallel Bars
Men's Pommel Horse
Men's Rings
Men's Vault
Modern Pentathlon
Single Sculls
Double Sculls
Coxless Pairs
Coxed Pairs
Coxless Fours
Coxed Fours
Rapid Fire Pistol
300-meter Rifle
Prone Rifle
Bantamweight Weightlifting
Featherweight Weightlifting
Lightweight Weightlifting
Middleweight Weightlifting
Light-Heavyweight Weightlifting
Heavyweight Weightlifting
Flyweight Greco-Roman Wrestling
Bantamweight Greco-Roman Wrestling
Featherweight Greco-Roman Wrestling
Lightweight Greco-Roman Wrestling
Welterweight Greco-Roman Wrestling
Middleweight Greco-Roman Wrestling
Light-heavyweight Greco-Roman Wrestling
Heavyweight Greco-Roman Wrestling
Flyweight Freestyle Wrestling
Bantamweight Freestyle Wrestling
Featherweight Freestyle Wrestling
Lightweight Freestyle Wrestling
Welterweight Freestyle Wrestling
Middleweight Freestyle Wrestling
Light-heavyweight Freestyle Wrestling
Heavyweight Freestyle Wrestling

For the Women’s Division

Women's 3-meter Springboard
Women's 10-meter Platform
Women's 100-meter Freestyle
Women's 400-meter Freestyle
Women's 100-meter Backstroke
Women's 200-meter Breaststroke
Women's 4x100-meter Freestyle Relay
Women's 100-meter Run
Women's 200-meter Run
Women's 800-meter Hurdles
Women's 4x100-meter Relay
Women's Long Jump
Women's High Jump
Women's Shot Put
Women's Discus Throw
Women's Javelin Throw
Women's K-1 500-meter Kayak
Women's Individual Foil
Women's Team All Around Gymnastics

For the Open Division

Sailing - Firefly class
Sailing - Star class
Sailing - Swallow class
Sailing - Dragon class
Sailing - 6-meter class

From what I have found in my research, the sailing events were open to crews of either gender, hence their designation as ‘open’. This will allow Japan to send all-female crews if it so wishes.


Tuesday, August 29th 2017, 4:59am

Oh boy, that list ends up long... eh...

The Chilean Olympic Committee respectfully requests to add 'Gliding'. :)

Bruce, can I just make a spreadsheet with all the entries I've got an send it to you? Otherwise my response is going to be quite long...


Tuesday, August 29th 2017, 10:21am

Looks like a lot of work for you :)

May be you can put all the events in an Excel-Sheet so we can fill the participants .... or i will do it for the chinese delegation and send it to you ?!?!?!
Because as Brock said, otherwise my list will be very long.

In my search for Chinese participants, I have encountered several OTL problems .... Chinese Civil War (1927-1936 &1946-1950); disput between PRC (People Republic of China) and Taiwan about the legitimacy, which country is the "representative" of China, so PRC boycotted the olympic games till 1984.

So i will make a mixture .... using otl athlets and "fictive" athlets. Hope that will be okay.


Tuesday, August 29th 2017, 1:29pm

Feel free to send me as much detail on your participants as you wish; I will use as much of it as I can.


Tuesday, August 29th 2017, 3:05pm

A quick comment. In sailing, I happened to notice that the Swallow class was only used once (in the 1948 London Games) and then abandoned because the design wasn't popular outside the UK. Still want to have it show up?

Bruce, I'll have you this spreadsheet in a bit. I'm not going to put names down, though.


Tuesday, August 29th 2017, 3:20pm

A quick comment. In sailing, I happened to notice that the Swallow class was only used once (in the 1948 London Games) and then abandoned because the design wasn't popular outside the UK. Still want to have it show up?

Sure I do! It can be something the participants can gripe about IC. :D


Tuesday, August 29th 2017, 3:42pm

Should i send the Excel-Sheet to your mentioned e-mail in your profile ?


Tuesday, August 29th 2017, 3:44pm

Should i send the Excel-Sheet to your mentioned e-mail in your profile ?

Yes. That is still my current email addy.


Tuesday, August 29th 2017, 3:52pm

Checking back, I used the Swallow Class for the 1944 London games, but yes I suspect there would still be little take up elsewhere in WW since that time.

I'm happy for Bruce to use whatever Argentine, Belgian, Dutch and British athletes that actually participated in the real 1948 games, I don't have any fictional characters or obvious reasons to change things from the OTL.