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Thursday, January 18th 2018, 2:58pm

Bering Strait Incident - Out of Character Discussions

This thread is for out-of-character comments by all players - arbiter, disputants, and other nations. If a comment is made in-character by a non-involved party it may be made here - Please distinguish between IC and OOC comments.


Monday, January 22nd 2018, 8:26pm

Permit me to make this clear at the outset of discussions on this matter - the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, as a unified document, is not relevant to this matter as:

1 - The United Nations does not exist in Wesworld

2 - The body of Admiralty case law and interim agreements that led to the real-world's UNCLOS has not, or has not yet, happened. In so far as possible I will seek period precedents and the decisions of the in-game League of Nations to guide any decision rendered in the matter.

Disputants are invited to make any modifications to their statements or positions they deem fit.


Monday, January 22nd 2018, 9:06pm

I think I'm comfortable with what I have written as-is, without modifications. Russia's argument does not depend upon UNCLOS.


Tuesday, January 23rd 2018, 11:37am

I just removed the references to UNCLOS, otherwise I'm happy with what I wrote. China's argument also does not depend upon UNCLOS.


Tuesday, January 23rd 2018, 4:00pm

STOP !!!!!!!!


-- [1]: The Chinese statement alleges that the Zhuhai was in international waters at the time the coast defense guns on Ostrov Ratmanova fired the first warning shots. This is untrue. The primary radio-location rangefinding equipment on Ostrov Ratmanova registered the Zhuhai in a position 18,050 meters (9.746 nm) from the equipment tower, located on the southeastern side of the island. The bearing was registered as 184° S. This range was confirmed by a secondary radio-location rangefinder on the southwestern side of the island, and also by the primary radio-location rangefinder at Nunyamo, on the mainland. These radio-location ranges were confirmed by optical rangefinders. This places the Zhuhai within the claimed twelve nautical mile limit accepted by both Russia and China, meaning that the Zhuhai was within Russian territorial waters. After noting the warning shots, the Zhuhai stopped a registered distance of 16,550 meters (8.936 nm) from the primary RL rangefinder. When the ship crossed out of Russian territorial waters, it was estimated at a range of 15,950 meters from the rangefinder unit. These ranges are accurate to plus or minus thirty meters.

I will not accept this !!!

Reffering ...…5525#post145525


I have no problems playing the bad guy, but not this way !!! Brock has written the coordinates and published them WITHOUT my approval. So either the incident happened definitely outside the 12 nm zone or I will leave the simulation with immediate effect.


Tuesday, January 23rd 2018, 4:07pm

Responded to privately.


Tuesday, January 23rd 2018, 5:01pm

Also responded to privately. Seems we have a misunderstanding about what occurred...


Tuesday, January 23rd 2018, 5:21pm

Yes ... a huge misunderstanding .... but i think we will come to an agreement.


Tuesday, January 23rd 2018, 7:19pm

Okay, update:

As stated above, Parador and I had a misunderstanding about whether or not the Zhuhai was in Russian territorial waters at any time during the Bering Strait Incident. As currently written, a number of my posts indicate the ship is much closer to the shore, and within Russian territorial waters; all of Russia's later reactions were based on this point. However, Parador would like to ensure that Zhuhai stay completely out of Russian territorial waters. This, in turn, might change the degree of how the Russians respond to the ship's presence.

Before we continue, Parador and I need to confer about whether or not we need to retcon anything. We'll probably need to spend a few days making those decisions, so please be patient. :)