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Saturday, February 3rd 2018, 8:34pm

Japan News 1948

January 1, 1948
Today construction started on submarines IN-1 and IN-2. The submarines of the IN-1 class are expected to replace the old submarines of the Shinobi classes.

January 2. 1948
With the completion of the control facilities, the rocket center at Tanegashima was declared operational. While various parts still need to be built or completed, Tanegashima is now capable of launching rockets. As the Tanegashima Rocket Center has a much more terrain available for expansion than the Mageshima Rocket Center, the plans as indicated in Japan's new Space Development Program is to turn the Tanegashima Rocket Center into the main launch site for Japanese Rockets in the next few years.

The plan is to launch the first rocket from Tanegashima about 2 to 3 weeks from now.

January 7, 1948
Today, a Yokosuka MXY9 test aircraft flown by experienced pilot, Colonel Oonishi Manzo, broke the sound barrier. The rocket-powered aircraft was carried to a great altitude and drop launched by a modified Nakajima G10N1 bpmber. The rocket plane reached a speed of about 1375 km/h at an altitude of about 16000 meters. After the flight, as expected, Manzo managed to land in the wrong field. He was last seen running for his life being chased by infamous farmer "Old Man" Satake and his angry cattle.

January 15, 1948
Yesterday, China's Prime Minister invited representatived of the Russian Federation and the Philippines to Beijing in an attempt to expand economic relations. While the Russian ambassador accepted the invitation, the Philippine Government has shown no interest.

According to analysts, this so-called first step towards "relaxation" is obviously an attempt by China to get the Philippines to let their guard down so it would be vulnerable to a Chinese attack and Russia is being used as a pawn to get the Philippine government to trust China and its intentions.

January 22, 1948
Today was the first launch of a rocket using the new launch facilities at Tanegashima. The Hibari II rocket's launch was successful and the rocket reached an altitude of 159 kilometers. However a payload separation failure meant that the scientific instruments aboard were lost as the rocket came down.

The Hibari Project has been a mixed bag so far. Of the 45 Hibari I rockets launched, 37.8% of the flights were successful while with the Hibari II, 31.3% of the 32 flights so far were successful. The smaller, less complex Tsubame is more successful with 14 of its 18 flights being successful. Some also blame the mass-production aspect of the Hibari to be an aspect in its low success rate.

Despite the low success percentage of the Hibari rockets, scientists at the Tanegashima Rocket Center have indicated that they plan to keep on using the Hibari II rocket for the moment and even indicated the plan to launch it with a Tsubame I rocket on top as a "second step" a few months from now with which they hope to attain velocities and altitudes higher than ever reached before.

Also today, submarines I-312 and I-313 were completed.

January 27, 1948
Today saw the completion of the small experimental submarine I-314. It is equipped with an H2O2 propulsion system which is believed to give it better underwater speeds than any other submarine.

February 6, 1948
Reports have come of an incident in the Bering Strait of a Chinese warship being fired upon by Russian coastal batteries as the vessel violated Russia's area of authority by attempting to sail through Russian territorial waters.

The vessel in question is the Zhuhai, a vessel the Chinese claim to be a civilian ship but which is clearly beyond a doubt a military vessel. Therefore Russia was well within its rights to fire upon the Zhuhai which was a threat to its sovereignty.

February 7, 1948
Many Japanese politicians speak positively about expelled Russian Ambassador Grigori Adamov who bravely stond his ground in the face of Chinese political bullying. China should know that many a nation will not cave in under the pressure of this kind of bullying and it will only serve to make their position in this world more difficult.

February 14, 1948
Today was the first flight of a new jet design of Mitsubishi for the Army Air Force. The flight went without any incidents and with the current situation in the region, it is expected that the first operational jets will be delivered to squadrons next year.

February 17, 1948
There is a lot of talk about the incident in Cam Ranh Bay a few days ago where a local fisherman discovered a severed human leg with a swimfin attached to it. While some experts believe it is no doubt the work of the Chinese who are trying to blame some other nation for the incident, others say that in reality the incident is not an incident but the cold-blooded murder of an innocent tourist who was kidnapped, forced to dress up as a frogman, tied up and then lowered into the water and into the screw of the Russian Naval Vessel Stavropol.

March 7, 1948
During one of its test runs, experimental submarine I-314 reached a speed in excess of 25 knots.

March 19, 1948
With the approval of the sales plan by the Filipino Senate yesterday, the purchase of the Filipino Aircraft Carrier Linguyen by the Imperial Navy seems to be a fact.

When asked about the purchase, Marshal-admiral Yamamoto Isoroku told AWNR that he felt that there was still a lot of potential in the carrier despite its size and that it would be a waste if the Philippines were to scrap the vessel. With this move, Japan also prevents the carrier from falling into the hands of any would-be buyers who would immediately sell it on to China.

March 25, 1948
The light cruisers Abashiri and Akan were completed today and will soon leave to commence their shakedown cruises.


Sunday, February 4th 2018, 10:45am

Nice to see Manzo is still alive!


Sunday, February 4th 2018, 11:48am

He seemed like the perfect Guinea Pig to use for supersonic flight. :)